Precious right

I don’t guess this is or can be said enough, but we have an enormous right and responsibility to take care of tomorrow.  It is a precious right that was carefully planned and crafted by our founding fathers and has been defended with the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice of countless millions of our service people and their families.

I think most of us realize that if we don’t exercise this right in huge numbers tomorrow and in November, we could very easily see it taken away from us before the next cycle.  The very thought of that makes me cringe, yet I know that after all is said and done tomorrow, a 13% voter turnout is about the best we can expect, and that is pathetic.

As I write this, I know that my friends and associates will be doing what each of them can to not only vote, but to ensure victory for candidates that we believe will start the healing process at all levels of government.

To those of you that may not know me and are visiting this site for the first time, I implore you, please get out and vote tomorrow.  Stand at the polls if you can, drive a neighbor or two to the polls, but dig in and help get this done.

Between tomorrow and November 2, 2010, and then afterwards, get involved in some way.  We all have stuff to do; we work, take care of our families and homes, and fill our days with lots of things.  For the sake of our country’s future, forget about wasting time with American Idol and the other nonsense on TV.

Get in the trenches and do whatever you can.  Some people are better at one thing over another; maybe you like to make calls, maybe you can stand on a street corner and wave a sign, or walk a neighborhood.  I don’t know of anyone that can’t spare a few hours a week doing some of these things, but it’s never been more important.

Just over 234 years ago, our founders crafted this experiment called America.  As I said earlier, countless men, women, and children have sacrificed one way or the other to defend it.  Let’s not let those sacrifices be wasted.  There’s an old saying mostly used by people not doing much that goes something like this, “will any of this matter in a 100 years from now?”  One way or the other, what we all do or don’t do in the coming months will matter greatly in a lot less than that.


One Response to “Precious right”
  1. EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

    Amen! Paint your thumb purple tomorrow, after you go vote!

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