Confusion at the Polls

Just a note, when my wife went to vote early this morning they tried to give her a non-partisan or independent ballot. She had to tell them she was a registered Republican and that she was voting on primary candidates.


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  1. South Florida 912 South Florida 912 says:

    When the poll worker compares your identification against the written register, right under your name is the 3 digit code for party registration. They are trained to ask twice – first when you sign the register – “Is this the correct party identification?” and second when they hand you the ballot – “Please verify that this is the correct ballot for your party”. The ballots are color-coded – white for Democrat, Blue for Republican, Green for NPA, and the stacks are kept separated. Very difficult to screw this up but it does happen. At the end of the day when the ballots are taken out of the scanner box, they are separated into D, R, and I ballots and the counts have to match the D, R and I counts from the register. If they don’t, it usually indicates that a wrong ballot was given and voted, (or possibly that the voter signed the wrong spot on the register). This happens, but it is rare.

    More typically, people find they are registered NPA when they thought they were R or D. If that is the case they are out of luck – party changes have to be completed far in advance election day. You can always check your party ID by referring to your voter card, or by calling the Supervisor of Elections and asking them to look it up for you.

    Hopefully, you wife was able to vote the proper ballot.

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