Why should we not try to fix it and just end it. Well first of all it’s a Socialist program, totally Unconstitutional and started by our first Communist President F.D.R. But let me show you how this Ponzi Scheme works. This can be checked out at the SS web site. That stands for Social Security, not to be confused with the Nazi SS. From 1937 until 1949 the average recipient ┬ápaid $60 a year. Until 1960 no more than $200. These are the people collecting now. The very first person who collected received $2000 a year. What a deal. Within 3 years of retirement they will collect all they have paid into the system. I know Seniors that get $1500.00 a month, so 3 years is a very liberal estimate, no pun intended. In 1966 L.B.J., our 2nd Communist President, and the Democrats closed the SS “LOCK BOX” and moved the funds into the General FUND. That way they could spend it on NEW welfare Programs like “THE WAR ON POVERTY” and many other socialist programs. That way they could get even more people voting Democrat. Now your SS taxes are about $1000 a year. If you entered the work force in 1980, you will have to live until you are 92 to collect all you have paid into the system. How did the Government do this? My generation, the BABY BOOMERS, are more populated than any in the history of the United States. All the Finances needed to make up for the large payoff scheme came from our pockets. Money we need just to pay our inflated expenses, but we should feel sorry for some Senior who didn’t prepare or have the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to take care of themselves. This estimate does not even include the “DRUG PROGRAM” set up by BUSH and the Republicans. When this system caves in the Politicians who started this and continued it will be dead. Why should they Care?? The next Generation does not have the population numbers to continue this, unless they pay 80% to 90% income taxes. This is the main reason Seniors vote Democrat. FREE HANDOUTS on the backs of their future generations. Shame on them! END it, don’t fix it!!

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