My thoughts on my way home from 8/28 Restoring Honor Event

     My legs hurt, I creak in parts of body I was not aware existed, I am a tad sleep deprived as well. However after spending such a great trip with my family and my friends it was all well worth it. We left on Friday promptly at 4pm and headed north up to Washington DC. The trip it self was fun while we watched movies and played some games. I really enjoyed the quality family time together too. The bus at first was hot and then later freezing typical on a bus journey 🙂 We then stopped for a few rest stops and slept in between. We were all in good spirits and showed a real sense of community. The next morning after a stop where we could clean up and put on some fresh clothes we ventured into DC. We were dropped off amongst large crowds of people at Arlington Memorial and walked over the bridge to enter from the side  where the event was being held. The crowds were at crush level and scared me a little with my kids in tow. We got separated from the group pretty early on. I had hoped to be together for the event however due to the volume of people it was nearly impossible . I am glad it was crowded but it still would have been nice to be together and if we could have gotten there a little earlier. When we made the bus plans so long ago we did not expect it to be such a large event. The planner of the event had to work out the times way in advance and as the date go closer it was too late to change the time of departure because people had already paid and prepared according to the itinerary.

     The event it self was loaded with special guest, speeches, and music. Glenn spoke from the heart about restoring Honor in our country.  Sarah was a great speaker and got a lot of people excited. I was a little disappointed that so close to November that there was no mention of the election and getting involved. Glenn could have simply stated that it was important to get behind principled candidates and to make a difference in our county and then you must take part in the “Restoring of Honor”. Otherwise it was a great message and amazing to see soo many people come out. We later met up with some friends and went over to the Capital for a group tour. The tour was VERY good. I enjoyed seeing the Ronald Reagan statue with bits of the Berlin wall in the base. I also saw the flag that was draped over Reagan when he laid in state. We had a lot of fun when Doug and I posed under the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s name plate by taking some “creative” pictures. Later we enjoyed a terrific Irish dinner at the Dubliner. Where we met up with a few other 912’ers for a great time. Now as the journey is coming to an end with memories of the fun, laughter and camaraderie and a full tummy ( we just ate a Cracker Barrel YUM!) We must remember that it does not all end with a visit to DC it must begin with it. Sixty five days left and we need to get the PRINCIPLED candidates elected. We have to use our $$$$ and our talents to assist these candidates towards the finish line.


4 Responses to “My thoughts on my way home from 8/28 Restoring Honor Event”
  1. EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

    I just wanted to take a moment — after a 45 minute hot shower, and 16 hours of uninterrupted sleep 😉 —
    to thank all of you for making this past weekend so great. Boris, the pictures are all fantastic, and the
    fans were obviously big hits with the group, and nearly everyone at the event who saw them. Frank and
    David, I got many compliments from people who rode the better bus, bus #2 😉 , on how well you both worked
    with Roberto to answer every question and make sure everyone was comfortable. Iris, Fred, Doug and
    Shannon, the same kudos above apply for you all with bus #1 (really, the cooler kids, just don’t tell
    Frank 😉 ) And finally, Roberto, the buses and the bus company were one of the best I’ve ever used.
    As gruelling as we all make the ride out to be, it went really as smoothly as we could have asked. Not
    forgetting to mention all of your work in collecting the money and communicating with all of the riders in
    the months prior to Friday, we are all truly in your debt for doing the real heavy lifting around this event.

    My family and I will always be grateful for everything that went into pulling off those 47 hours. Hopefully,
    we played some part in making the trip easier for all of you. Please know how honored we are to call you
    all our friends. Many, many thanks.

  2. lauriling@aol.com Lauri Lingerfelt says:

    Shannon, I am a South Florida 9-12 member who ended up on the “step-child” overflow bus that was added after the initial two buses were filled. What started out as 50 strangers traveling quietly north ened as a united group of motivated Godly Patriots committed to sharing our experience and influencing at least 10 others in the months ahead to make a difference in November. Despite the prolonged lack of creature comforts, the entire group left with happy hearts and a great sense of commitment to making a difference. I invited everyone to join our South Florida 9-12 group (the shirts were quite a hit) and am hopeful we will be adding to our ranks! God bless and thanks for all you do!!

    Lauri Lingerfelt

  3. lurowan Mary Lu says:

    I have to say… in my humble opinion,there was no need for Glenn to make any comments about the election. We KNOW as a group of patriots what must be done!! How can we not? We are all activists or we wouldn’t have been there. However, this event was needed to fill our hearts and souls with the hope of God’s promises to his people. The event was exactly what it was supposed to be. And you know what? I didn’t mind crying one bit the whole time. I was so moved by what I saw that I was shedding tears of joy and relief…not fear, not sadness not even from being overwhelmed….the tears were in thanks to our Father for safely gathering close to 800,000 of my closest friends to honor Him, our country and each other. We’re going to be ok in the long run…its going to be tough in the coming months economically, but governmentally, we are going to make it.

    • yochumjr yochumjr says:

      I would like to think we are going to make it. I sincerely do hope we make it out of this, but, I feel that I don’t know how to prepare. I’ve been through hurricanes…. When someone says, “We are expecting a Cat.3 Hurricane, I know what I’m susposed to do. But, with the economy about to “tank”, I don’t want to be unprepared.
      I am planning on attending the next 912 meeting. I think we all of like minds, should share thoughts about what should be our next move and as a group, we can be prepare ourselves, our immediate futures.
      I am praying every day more and more, asking the Lord, begging for His divine care over me and my family.

      Only my wife and myself seem to be on the same page. The others, well, they don’t see the rush. Please, we need to help eachother and our families, to prepare for the worse, which I feel is to yet to come.

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