What Restoring Honor Meant To Me

This is the first time I have actually been able to relax and think about the Restoring Honor Event. I was physically and mentally drained from the 30+ hour bus ride. After reading and hearing fellow participants and various news outlets, that day will no longer be remembered for one remarkable man; but for the message of uniting under God. You could feel the presence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the atmosphere. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Natives, Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, were standing together for two reasons; honoring our military and restoring the values our fore fathers established. 500,000 + or – came together in prayer to ask for forgiveness.  It has taken a little while for the overwhelming significance of this day to hit me. I can honestly say it was the most beautiful image my eyes have ever seen. It was America standing in front of me. It was in the sorrowful stories of the heroes who were honored. It was in the Gospels read and sung. It was Alveda King and the remarkable history her family has endured.  It was the monuments and the lives of the men they honored. It all came together for what I believe was one of the greatest days in American history. There is no question that God blessed the event. We had perfect weather. It was completely peaceful. It touched the lives of the hundreds of thousands there and the many more watching who couldn’t attend. It made me realize that we can educate ourselves as much as we want on the founders and the constitution. We can debate the issues with the opposition all we want, but if we forget about the values and principles that are taught in our homes of worship, we will lose. It has made me step back for a moment and reassess the role of my faith in my life. At the end of every day I will think about what I have done for Hope, Faith, and Charity. It is really hard to put into words the effect it has had on my life. I can only hope to be a better person. A more faithful person; and a more charitable person. I will continue to pray for my family, my President and country. Most of all, I will continue to pray for you; my fellow patriots who are standing together no matter the color or creed who are willing to risk it all as I am, to preserve our Republic for generations to come. Together we can make it possible so that in 50 years, on 8/28, they will be honoring the word of God once more.   – Mario

PS- I will have more photos available shortly.


2 Responses to “What Restoring Honor Meant To Me”
  1. EdFulop Ed Fulop says:

    Amen. Well said.

  2. David DiCrescenzo David DiCrescenzo says:

    Great job Mario. You have a real grasp of the message that day.

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