School Board/ County Commission Candidate Forum

Sponsored by the PALM BEACH CHRISTIAN COALITION.  Here’s information from their newsletter:

Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. 
Location: Palm Beach County Commission Chambers, 301 N. Olive Avenue, 6th Floor 

All School Board and County Commission candidates have been invited. It is open to the public, so invite your neighbors, church groups, and others who want to know where our local candidates stand on issues. 

VOTER GUIDES: Voter Guides for Palm Beach County School Board and County Commission Candidates for the November 2 election will be posted on our website, Voter Guides for Florida and U.S. Candidates will be provided by the Christian Coalition of Florida/Florida Faith & Freedom Coalition website at

SCORE CARDS: Find Faith & Freedom U. S. Congress Scorecards online at, and CCFLA Florida Legislature Scorecards at

JUDGES: Information about Florida Supreme Court Judges can be found at

Analysis of FL State Ballot Amendments by James Madison Institute

Lots of folks have questions on how to vote on the Florida State Ballot Proposals.

The James Madison Institute is a Florida-based research and educational organization engaged in the battle of ideas. The Institute’s ideas are rooted in a belief in the U.S. Constitution and such timeless ideals as limited government, economic freedom, federalism, and individual liberty coupled with individual responsibility.

South Florida 912 member Francisco Rodriguez  is an active member of the James Madison Institute Palm Beach Board of Advisers.

Check out the Voter Guide for the 2010 State Ballot Proposals to get a better understanding before you vote.

County Commission Hikes Taxes Yet Again

On Tuesday evening, the Palm Beach County Commission voted 4-2 to raise county tax rates 9.3%, on top of a 15% increase last year. TAB had proposed specific cuts of $50M (2.5% of the $4B adopted budget) that would have prevented the hike. We also asked the commissioners to defer the Fire/Rescue raises (4% increase on a $140,000 average compensation – costing $14M in this budget), and to defer some capital spending. Fire/Rescue cuts would not have affected the county-wide millage (it is a separate line item) but would have been an acknowledgement that the public sector union employees are not completely isolated from economic conditions affecting those who pay their salaries.

Thanks to all the 912 members and others who came to the meeting to speak in favor of the TAB proposal, we did make an impression. A quick look at the recording will see Sue Varey, Ed Fulop, Clair Donegan, David DiCrescenzo, Fred and Iris Scheibl, Virginia Brook, Mary Ann Polulack, Mike Lameyer, Dionna Hall, Christina Pearce, Victoria Thiel, Shannon Armstrong, Hal Valeche and Nancy Hogan.

Read about the meeting on the TAB website: CLICK HERE

CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 7

CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting on Thursday, Oct. to be called into the security office so that you will be admitted. Also, any visitor will then be met at the clubhouse security desk by one of us so that a $3.00 day pass can be obtained in the lobby office.

At 10 am on Oct. 7 in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse, Classroom C, the Super Seniors will be meeting to discuss the effects on Seniors of changes to Medicare and to our income taxes. State and local matters will be on the agenda also.

Jim Carver will be leading the meeting and all Seniors are invited to join us as we share information on the latest developments in critical areas of our lives.  Bring your questions and your knowledge to share with other Seniors.

West Palm Beach Century Village is a gated community. We welcome all attendees, and you can email us at

A lesson for Obama, Biden, and Kerry — courtesy of Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays

I had to chuckle a little bit earlier this evening while catching up on the day’s news on-line.  Not often, but occasionally, you can see parallels in different stories — a sort of “harmonic convergence”, if you will — where planets and stars align, if only for a moment, to reveal an answer that might otherwise remain hidden from view.  The first article I read was here, a scolding that a sports writer from CBS was delivering to Evan Longoria and David Price, two players for the Tampa Bay Rays pro baseball team.  The team had just clinched a spot in the playoffs, and these two players decided to blast their fans via Twitter for the poor attendance that they’ve been having at home.  This is never a good idea; imagine cashiers at Publix verbally assaulting you as you check out for not spending enough money in their store, or not bringing your neighbor with you to spend his money as well!  My favorite line in the piece; “If the fans don’t come, it’s because the team didn’t do enough to convince them to come, not the other way around.”

It’s right about this time where you are probably saying to yourself, “What does any of this have to do with anything!?”  Very well then — Act 2.  A few articles later, I come across this story here, entitled Blaming the Voters.  You’re starting to see where I’m going now, I bet!  Obama, Biden, and Kerry have decided to try the same tack that the hapless ball players from the first story I mentioned tried to take — let’s scold them into line.  “We have an electorate,” Kerry bloviates, “that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on, so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts, or the truth, or what’s happening.”  Such respect for those he represents — a true public servant!

In a capitalist society, people “vote” with their feet for everything; which movie will be a blockbuster, which restaurant to eat at, which smart phone to buy, which sporting event to buy tickets to, and even which politician to vote for.  The “agents of change” are starting to be reminded where the power in our system of government is really rooted — in we, the people.

Let’s Send Tami Donnally to Tallahassee

Tami is active on the Campaign Trail.  Just tonight she was with members of the Gold Coast Credit Union – who represent thousands of South Florida voters.  And tomorrow, she will be meeting with students from the Lake Worth Campus of Palm Beach State College.

The message is clear and simple – we need to make way for business to grow in South Florida and create jobs.  As a legislator, Tami will work to remove restrictions and mandates which stifle business and increase costs as well as work to help implement Rick Scott’s 7-7-7 Plan to create 700,000 jobs in 7 years.

Jobs, together with Education will be Tami’s primary focus… but we have to get elected first.  We cant thank you all enough for the calls, walks, sign waving and support.  But we need donations too.

There are three T’s – Time, Talent and Treasury.  If you given already have, thank you.  You can give again.  If you have already given for the General cycle, thank you thank you.  If you’re waiting for a good time – NOW IS A GOOD TIME.

Absentee Ballots are on their way out. Votes are about to be cast. We’re just over 30 days from Reclaiming America. One seat at a time.  THE TIME IS NOW! 

This election is more than just a choice between candidates; it is a referendum on the very identity of our country. We must stand up to the broken ways of the establishment and fight to preserve the values that we all hold dear.

Help us reach our goal and send a message that elections do matter – that your voice counts – and that we will not let up until victory on November 2nd. Please make a donation to our fundraising drive and please send this message to your friends and ask for their help AND their vote!

Thank you!

Busy days ahead

I hope that by now everyone has discovered a great candidate and is working for them and sharing their time and financial support if possible. It is truly crunch time.  The flag waving, marches, faxes and rallys were all leading up to this one big event in November. Please join us the 912 group and get people involved and support the quality, principled candidates. First on the 28th we have  a budget hearing we need to attend to get our voice heard in the community. Then in October there are a number of events and we will get them on our 912 calendar to help you keep track. There are also some key debates coming up as well. Please make some calls for your candidate of choice and get active.

Volunteer Opportunities

912 covers a large area. Is there some coordination reguarding  Allen West  and other people the 912 is backing? I made phone calls on the last election. I hope Fred gives me names of Republicans and Independents I could call in the Juno Beach area. Are you in talks of other groups to tie together a stronger voice in the coming  election?


Press Release: Joe Budd, Republican Candidate for U.S. House (District FL-19) on the Republican Party’s Pledge for America

Coral Springs, FL – September 23, 2010. We can all agree on one basic and fundamental truth from the Pledge for America: America is more than a country, it is an idea. The Republican Party has offered an extensive set of ideas that can best be used to begin a discussion of returning our country to sound economic policy and government rooted in common sense.

As a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives I offer my critique of the Pledge and hope for the direction of our country.

First, it is clear that the Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, is running up debt that, by our own government’s analysis, is unsustainable. The Pledge’s idea of freezing discretionary spending is sound. We must also, however, address the issue of entitlements and guarantee the solvency and viability of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. This is the absolute duty of responsible government and the promises made to senior citizens.


Secondly, the Pledge is correct, our Congress has behaved in a shameful and profligate manner. Neither the president nor the congress is imperial.  We must all live within our means. I will cut my Congressional Office budget by 33% the day I am sworn in. Our elected officials must lead by example when addressing the issue of spending and debt. The old ways of politics of both parties will no longer serve us; and the American people must come to expect more of their leaders.


Regarding energy policy we  must vigorously pursue an all the above path to energy independence. Why does the Obama administration financially support drilling in Brazil but block it in the U.S., using taxpayer money to do so? We must stop supporting Ahmadinejad, Chavez and the brutal Saudi sheiks every time we fill up our tanks with gas.


In summary, the Pledge for America is the starting point of a national discussion about spending, debt, leadership and safe-guarding the promises made to our seniors.  The 2010 Congressional elections are rooted in the national need to restore sanity, responsibility and accountability to government.  We must lift up new leadership who will bridge the partisan gap and chart a new, healthy course and restore the idea that is America.

Light Attendance at Wellington 912 Meeting

Maybe it was the short notice or the lack of the last robocall, or competing events, but our 9/22 candidate event did not have the normal 912 turnout. The meeting itself had a few glitches, with the sound system unavailable until a half hour into the program, and a distinct lack of chairs. Given all that though, we did have a good program.

Ed Fulop got things going with a reading of the recent conversion of Chris Mathews to the realities of the 2010 election. Shannon and Doug told us about the 8/28 Restoring Honor trip, and the importance of working for candidates. Iris filled in the blanks with a trip report from the 9/11 (Unite in Action) and 9/12 (Freedomworks) DC events, and Fred gave a TAB update, asking everyone to attend the 9/28 County Commission budget hearing, and did an overview of size and demographics of some of the local races we are working on.

After a short break we heard from featured speakers Mathew Hunter (for Lizbeth Benacquisto – FS27), Sherry Lee- CC2, Tami Donnally – FH85, and our keynote Joe Budd – CD19.

Other candidates speaking included Alison Rampersad – FH90, the team for Bill Graham SB3, Bernard Sansaricq – CD23, and Jess Santamaria – CC6.

Pictures by Boris Balaban.

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