A Weekend to Remember: Memories of 8/28

When my husband Grant and I left for the Restoring Honor rally Friday morning not knowing what to expect yet being full of expectations, I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.  Would people show up?  Would there be infiltrators?  Would we be safe?  Would Glenn and the speakers be safe?  My anxiety quickly calmed at the airport when I noticed familiar T-shirts worn by some of the friendly airplane passengers that read:  “Got Principles,” “Fox News,” and “Faith, Hope, Charity.”  It was a comforting feeling knowing we weren’t alone and it foreshadowed what was to come.

Trekking around Washington that sunny, warm, Friday was fun.  The last time my husband or I had been to D.C. was when we were both around 8-years-old in the early ‘80s, so it really was like seeing the beautiful monuments and iconic buildings for the first time in person.  We passed by the White House, the US Department of Treasury, the Washington Monument, the National Archives building and then finally walked our way to the Capitol for a tour.  What a spectacular building to see in person!  The Apotheosis of Washington glorified the rotunda ceiling and was particularly stunning!  Seeing Nancy Pelosi’s golden nameplate over her office door, however, somehow didn’t evoke the same awe.   Despite the arduous walk all over the nation’s capital that afternoon, we were exhilarated to see so many patriots everywhere enjoying the sites before the big day:  8/28.

Back at the hotel that evening, Grant and I got gussied up for “Divine Destiny.”  Because we are Deacons at our church, we were among the fortunate few to receive tickets to the event at the Kennedy Center. 

“Divine Destiny” was off -the-charts inspirational!  Even my husband got choked up!  Notable religious figures gave powerful addresses that were clear, concise and right on target with the message of restoring honor to America that would make our Founders proud.  Rabbi Lapin, Pastor Miles McPherson and Pastor Dave Roever were especially poignant with their messages of faith, hope and charity.  After witnessing the crowd’s reaction to the powerful speakers, Glenn promised we would see more of them in the future.  It was a blessing to be introduced to them that night.  We couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

After months of anticipation and prayers, 8/28 had arrived!  Donning our navy “Got Principles?” T-shirts, khaki shorts, sneakers and sunscreen, we headed toward the subway along with hundreds of others.  After the super-cramped subway ride, we then made our way in the direction of the Washington Monument.  Astonishment was the word to describe how we felt looking at the sea of people already convened on the Mall.  We have never seen so many people.  In this woman’s estimate, there were definitely over 500,000 people there!  It was wonderful to think all these like-minded patriots took the effort, time and money to come from all over to this important event and show the world that we are not racist, not violent, but we are no longer silent.

We found our way to the field on the left of the stage, quite far from the closest Jumbotron.  Although we couldn’t see the stage or hear the speakers without an echo, the fact that we were there in full support meant everything.  One of the best parts came right at the start of the event with the now famous geese “flyover.” I thought it might have been planned like at a wedding when butterflies or doves are released, but I soon realized it was a spontaneous coincidence.  Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe it was God’s seal of approval. 

The rally’s pervasive messages were motivational, uplifting and, yet, so basic.  Turning back to God and restoring honor in ourselves first is paramount before we can restore America.  Each individual incorporating faith, hope and charity in his or her own life CAN make a difference and turn this country around.  And, just as important, we must honor those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Following the rally, everyone spilled out in varied directions and we, again, headed toward the Washington Monument.  We stopped and looked back at the Lincoln Memorial and reflected how proud and humbled we were to be a part of our nation’s history and this amazing group of patriots.  This truly is the best country on earth and it is our responsibility to keep it that way!

God bless America!

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