Miracles on the Mall

This is the first chance I have had to tell you all about last weekend…the 8/28 rally! To call it amazing would be an understatement. Miracles were truly everywhere.

First, I have to say, that as soon as I heard about this event, I knew I had to be there. I believe that Glenn Beck is our modern day “Paul Revere” and the fact that it was to be totally non-political and entirely “spiritual” and “patriotic” really interested me even more. I made my reservations months ago. Then when he announced the Kennedy Center event, even with the little he told about it I knew I had to be there too! When he announced the tickets would be free to the first people in line starting Friday morning that’s when I knew it would be impossible. My plane didn’t get in until noon and I knew people would be camped out the night before. So I signed up for Beck’s Insider Extreme & figured I would watch it online.

Wednesday evening I received a call from my neighbor’s son in San Diego. He was going to the 9/28 rally as well and would arrive Thursday afternoon. He did not know anything about the Kennedy Center event and after telling him what little I knew, he said he would try to go by early Friday morning & “see what happens”. Thursday afternoon as I was packing he calls me….”Beth, I am at the Kennedy Center. I walked two miles to find it so I would know how to get here early tomorrow morning to wait in line. The only problem is, the line has already formed and they put a barricade up to show where the tickets will run out! I am about 30 people behind the barricade but I’m going to wait & see what happens because they are giving the tickets out today so people don’t wait overnight. I’ll let you know what happens.”

That’s when I really started praying! About 2 hours later he called me back…….there were just enough tickets past the barricade. He got the last 2! He told me that he “Knew” when he walked up there that he would get tickets. That was the first MIRACLE!

To say I was excited, in disbelief, grateful…all of the above would be an understatement. But in all that amazement & gratitude I realized that there were going to be three of us together at the event and only two tickets to the Kennedy Center. My friend Debbie who was meeting me in DC later Friday afternoon insisted that I go with the young man that waited in line & she would watch it online. I was feeling really guilty because we had planned this trip together for months and I thought maybe I would let another friend of this young man’s who happened to also be there take the ticket. I would continue to debate as I sat on the plane heading to DC the next day.

After we took off from Atlanta on my connecting flight I noticed so many patriots on the plane dressed in their Patriotic clothes & Restoring Honor hats. It was a confirmation at that moment that I was heading to something big. Then when the pilot announced for anyone who would be seeing Glenn Beck the next day to please say hello for him….the plane erupted into applause. For me, that was the second MIRACLE.

Friday afternoon after I had checked into my room and was waiting for my friend Debbie to arrive, I went down to the lobby for a reason I still can’t remember. It just seemed like something I needed to do. After looking around and checking out the Bar (no, I didn’t have a drink) and restaurant, I got back into the elevator to go to my room. There was another couple on the elevator and we started talking. They too came in for the rally and then I mentioned that I had tickets to the Kennedy Center but wished I could find one more for my friend. Their next comment was “What a coincidence, we just met another woman who also has tickets. She was number 30 in line. After they took their two tickets and were walking away, they realized they were mistakenly given 1 extra ticket. They must have stuck together she told us. She will probably let you have it if you want.”

IF I WANT??? They gave me her name & room number, I ran to my room & dialed her room number and in what probably sounded to her like a crazy person, I told her my story and asked if I could buy the ticket. “Absolutely not” she said, you can have it….come down to my room. MIRACLE #3

She was so sweet, she gave me a hug & we exchanged phone numbers to stay in touch.

I went back to my room, called my mother & sister crying hysterically because I was in such shock that I had actually experienced what I was sure was not a coincidence but a miracle. Now you could say that the first two tickets were just plain luck, but the fact that I needed just 1 more, just happened to go to the lobby at just the right time to meet the people who knew about 1 extra ticket that was received accidentally by another Patriot!

And to top it all off, the one extra ticket was in the second row right in the center.

The evening was amazing. It was like an emotional revival. Great music, beautiful voices, Chuck Norris reading scriptures from original documents from the time of our Founding, inspirational people and Glenn Beck. What more could you ask?

The last MIRACLE, #4 was one in 500,000. Another friend who was on my 9/12 bus last year and who has recently moved to Texas said she would call me when she got to the rally so we could arrange to meet. Well, I got there a 5:30 am and it was already packed with people.
There was no way I could find her in that crowd. Since we didn’t pass anywhere to find coffee that was open, I decided to see if the “snack shack” on the grounds was open (which amazingly wasn’t!) and on the way back, who do I just happen to run in to? My friend from Texas. What were the odds with all those people?

The geese flying over the pond in perfect formation at the precise time the rally was to start, not one arrest, not a piece of paper left on the ground, and a perfectly inspired event with again, the feeling that we were all of one soul.

I am a believer in MIRACLES, I expect them to happen and I will forever be grateful.

Beth Grossman


3 Responses to “Miracles on the Mall”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Speechless! Wow! Great story.

  2. Florida Gator Florida Gator says:


  3. lurowan Mary Lu says:

    “…we were all of one soul..” THAT is the term I’ve been trying to come up with to describe the feeling permeating the event. I keep telling people it’s like when you walk into a tense room you can cut the tension with a knife?…well when you were at this rally, you could feel the Holy Spirit with the same intensity. It was truly an unusual feeling!!

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