Hello my 912 family

Hello my 912 family

First of all I like to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you and had a wonderful trip.

As some of you know my political outlook is somewhat different than the majority of you. While I found the 08 28 Beck in DC ordeal to be a wonderful ordeal, I also viewed it as a lost opportunity. Whatever the people count was, we all agree that there was an enormous group of people of like minded thoughts. I found Mr. Becks speeches to be highly choreographed and a speech of appeasement. In fact I found the entire show to be a show of appeasement. We as patriots in the United States America, decided to go to Washington DC on our own time, to be with like-minded people. While we were all aware of the fact, Martin Luther King did a historical march on Washington DC on this date, I had felt that we would be historical as well. Instead, Mr. Beck was apologetic to the movement of Martin Luther King, to the movement of blacks in America, and they even had the nerve to have a Islamic leader with him to represent our views.

I believe that it is time for us to quit always worrying about being politically correct. We know what is right and wrong. We know how we would like our country to be. Yet, we appease.

Some things I noticed while I was in the DC. I ran across a couple of individuals who came there from Seattle Washington. I asked them about their political views and the purpose of them being there. They told me that even though the trip there was a rough trip that they were libertarians and just wanted to be there. I noticed others in a religious tone as if Glenn Beck was the new Billy Graham. When I went to the Georgetown area I talked to some students 100% of them said that they had no interest in politics which I felt to be quite odd since they chose to go to school and live in Washington DC I ran across another individual up in the Georgetown area, who wanted to be called Saint Peter. Over at Arlington Cemetery, I viewed the stones of our patriots. I also viewed the disrespect of our patriots. I notice Japanese taking pictures saluting themselves are part of our date World War II soldiers I notice people that wanted to take an artistic picture of themselves in front of the tomb of John F. Kennedy. I also had to take a cab to catch up with our bus for our trip on the way back. I had to get into three different cabs because all three I had to leave because they could not speak English. Furthermore when I asked them where they were from, what little I could understand, was that they were from a Muslim country.
Let me state this again, up easement and being politically correct, has caused our nation didn’t be what it is today. We have got to the point that we accept everything.

Let me point this out as well, I appreciate the mixture of different views to reach a common goal.

You are all a wonderful group of patriots. In the years to come we will look back with fondness of this trip as some of us do now.

I believe that we all agree that it is time to put an end to the far left progressive movement in our country. To protect our future our children’s future and our children’s children’s future we must stand up. I applaud you all for doing just that.

Again, let me thank you all for including me in your family. Until we meet again…

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