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Hello, my name is Lizbeth Benacquisto and I am running for the State Senate in District 27. I am going to keep a blog here during the campaign to update the South Florida 9-12 Group about our campaign.  I hope to connect with many of you personally, and I know that many of you all share similar reservations about how many legislators are spending our tax money. My Democratic opponent, Rep. Kevin Rader, told the Naples Daily News last week that ‘the first thing’ he would do if elected is to file a bill that Florida should get more ‘federal stimulus money.’ That is the opposite of leadership; simply asking the feds to print more money does not provide stability and will not lead to job growth.

First, I just want to share a small biography about myself. I was first elected Wellington Councilwoman in 2002 to represent the Village of Wellington, and was re-elected through the conclusion of my term in 2010. I am running to represent State Senate District 27 having won the Republican primary in August; the seat Senator Dave Aronberg is vacating to seek the office of Florida’s Attorney General. The most important issues for me are jobs and the economy in Florida. Until we can find fiscal restraint in Tallahassee our state will continue down the wrong path, and as a fiscal conservative I feel that I can help bring that to the Capitol.

I was born in New York and raised in Pembroke Pines. I have been a Florida resident for over 30 years, living in Wellington for the past 15. I attended the University of Florida and Penn State University, and I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management.

My family currently resides in Wellington. I am a Realtor and mother of two school-age children and a college-age step-son.

During my tenure on the village council, I had the distinction to serve as Vice-Mayor for two years. I am a member of the American Council of Young Political leaders and was chosen and served as a delegate to South Africa in 2004. I have served as member of Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, the Florida League of Cities municipal loan council, and as a member of the Western Communities Council of Palm Beach County. I am currently a member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the National League of Cities Council on Youth Education and Families.


3 Responses to “Introduction and Biography”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Congratulations on your primary victory, and thanks for both creating your profile, and agreeing to blog on the site. During the primary, it got quite contentious between your supporters and one of your challengers, Sharon Merchant. Ads that ran on both television and radio identified the 527 Truth Matters as the group responsible for the message. Can you explain your association with this group, who they are, and, if you know, why they chose to support you before the primary?

  2. spiritof'76 says:

    Baloney! She’s a tax-and-spend RINO. There wasn’t a tax increase that she didn’t like. Sales tax, property tax, shadow tax “fee increases”, she raised them all. Last year, she had the chance to help out the overtaxed citizens of wellington by cutting tax rates. She voted against a tax cut, in the middle of the Obama recession. It “taxes” the mind how she can call herself a fiscal conservative.

    Its a shame that she beat the real conservative.

  3. Spirit of 76, I am sorry you feel that way about me and I would love to speak with you personally about anything you may have on your mind about my record. Feel free to email me at lbenacquisto@aol.com, which goes direct to me.

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