The Antidote To Republican Suicide: Citizen Patriots

The main stream media is encouraging a  civil war between the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party.  Republican party members are hand wringing about possible defections of RINOs to the Democrat side in order to save themselves.  Republican establishment spokesmen are chastising Tea Party members as being self indulgent and short-sighted.  Left and right pundits are predicting the Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

As we read about McCain, Nelson, Snowe, Collins, etc. …politicians maneuvering to maintain their own political viability….this has been the modus operandi in D C for a long, long time.

Keep in mind, the tea party tsunami, as named by the Wall Street Journal, is washing over D C at this moment. What the new political reality is, has yet to be revealed.

The continued devotion of the American Patriots is the life blood of instituting and maintaining a constitutional, representative legislative branch.

The Patriot groups  show no signs of anything except vigorous growth and determination. Their outlook is long term and they have adopted the belief that indeed the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

These groups have had disappointing electoral defeats and satisfying victories. One election cycle is only one step.

The groups are acting, moving, shaking!!! They are educating themselves and the next generation…They are on street corners, in meetings, at fundraisers, sharing knowledge and information. They are supporting members to run for town boards, school boards, state office, and Congress.

As the current politicians navigate the tsunami enveloping them, the course of Americans must be, with or without those particular politicians, ever toward preserving our constitution and our freedoms.


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