Liberals can use a Florida law to push their defeated agenda after November 2nd.

Believe it or not, come November 3rd, we don’t get to kick our feet up in our recliners, secure in the knowledge that we’ve saved the free world.  If you read this article from the Sunshine News here, you’ll see that it might only get harder, and of course, Florida is right in the middle of it again.  The “doomsday” scenario only happens if Marco Rubio loses his bid to be Florida’s next Senator and replace the appointed George Lemieux.  The language of Florida’s law says that the appointed replacement has to serve until they are “replaced by election”.  While it’s open to interpretation, some legal experts think that means that the successor could be installed in their office as early as election night, just in time to participate in the all but certain lame duck Congress.  If Rubio wins, there’s really no issue — but what if it’s Meek or Crist? No rest for the weary — let’s make sure we don’t have to worry about this possibility, and get Marco in office.

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