Light Attendance at Wellington 912 Meeting

Maybe it was the short notice or the lack of the last robocall, or competing events, but our 9/22 candidate event did not have the normal 912 turnout. The meeting itself had a few glitches, with the sound system unavailable until a half hour into the program, and a distinct lack of chairs. Given all that though, we did have a good program.

Ed Fulop got things going with a reading of the recent conversion of Chris Mathews to the realities of the 2010 election. Shannon and Doug told us about the 8/28 Restoring Honor trip, and the importance of working for candidates. Iris filled in the blanks with a trip report from the 9/11 (Unite in Action) and 9/12 (Freedomworks) DC events, and Fred gave a TAB update, asking everyone to attend the 9/28 County Commission budget hearing, and did an overview of size and demographics of some of the local races we are working on.

After a short break we heard from featured speakers Mathew Hunter (for Lizbeth Benacquisto – FS27), Sherry Lee- CC2, Tami Donnally – FH85, and our keynote Joe Budd – CD19.

Other candidates speaking included Alison Rampersad – FH90, the team for Bill Graham SB3, Bernard Sansaricq – CD23, and Jess Santamaria – CC6.

Pictures by Boris Balaban.


5 Responses to “Light Attendance at Wellington 912 Meeting”
  1. Matthew Kenney Matthew Kenney says:

    Many of us, I hope, are at church programs with our kids on Wednesday nights. Studying the Bible is the foundation to everything we are working for. To understand what made our founding fathers tick. I would ask that we as a group, refrain from setting up meetings on Wednesdays and Sundays, except for fellowship. We will be blessed for it by the wisdom we will gain.

  2. Sandra Beach says:

    Sometimes people have bible study on Thursday nights and Monday as well. I also know people that work most nights. I for one was glad the meeting was on Wed night because my bible study is on Thursdays and it was the first meeting I could go to. Great meeting and thank u for all your work. I also spoke to another lady that said it was her first meeting too. Seems like a great group of people.

    • Matthew Kenney Matthew Kenney says:

      Thank you for coming. It truly was a blessing that you and another were able to attend for the first time. Welcome and look forward to seeing at the next meeting.

  3. I would like to promote a 912 meeting in Delray Beach where I had 100 show up for an Allen West Meet and Greet. The restaurant is on George Bush Blvd across from St. Vincents Church on the west side of the Intracostal where the bridge is under repair. Any suggestions on which weekday and time would be appreciated! Any contacts in south Palm Beach County I could work with?

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