Remember the Coffee Party? Yeah, me neither . . . .

Back in May, I participated in a debate that was sponsored by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper’s editorial staff entitled “Coffee or Tea?”, comparing and contrasting these “new players” on the political scene.  Those of you who drove down to Nova Southeastern University’s campus in my support remember how confusing every statement that came out of the Coffee Party’s representative was — they really weren’t sure what they stood for, aside from civil discourse.  He was sure they would put together a platform in the next few weeks following the debate, and immediately begin “reframing the debate” with local and national government leaders.  Well, a quick look at the “Palm Beach County chapter’s” Facebook page shows no activity since a few weeks after that debate, except for a post on the “wall”  promoting a National Coffee Party Convention this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.  I stole the title of my blog post here from the opening line of a funny article on the topic on Breitbart’s “Big Government” web-site here.  The hotel where the National Convention is being held is expecting “about 300 people”.

From the empty Facebook page, there are links to the national web-site as well, and an events page allows you to type in your zip code and be directed to Coffee Party events in your local area.  When I typed in my own, there was nothing scheduled within 100 miles for the balance of the year.  The page let me widen the parameters of the search, so I searched for events within 200 miles of my hometown; still nothing.  When I widened the radius to 400 miles, it registered a hit; a meet up at a Panera Bread in Tallahassee next month.  On the agenda; “reviewing our tabling at the 10/10 event, and plan next steps.”


One Response to “Remember the Coffee Party? Yeah, me neither . . . .”
  1. Thanks for posting, Ed. I just had a passing conversation with Shannon last night about the very same topic. I bought the new issue of TIME, with the “Election 2010” Tea Party cover story, and I asked her, “Have you heard any updates with the Coffee Party?” She said you had just talked to her about this earlier in the day.

    While I find it uplifting to see citizen activism in our country (even when I differ politically) – I know many conservatives saw the Coffee Party as an obvious attempt to counter-balance the power of the grassroots Tea Party movement. The trouble causing the Coffee Party’s stagnation and ineffectiveness, I believe, is that many who supported Barack Obama’s candidacy for President in 2008 still want to see their idealism reach fruition.

    Liberal students, in particular, and young voters still want to see Obama-Pelosi-Reid usher in sweeping environmental and financial regulatory reforms… Yet they see the housing and unemployment crises continue to create despair across America. They KNEW that 8 years of George W. ended with a frightening meltdown of the credit, auto, and banking industries: We knew the same thing.

    The difference: Conservatives instinctively felt they had NO single candidate competent of recovery (in either John McCain OR Barack Obama) – whereas liberals felt they FOUND that leader.

    Students emerging from America’s finest liberal universities in 2010 HOPE for the best… yet, as they find job and career opportunities desperately elusive (nearly 4 full years after Pelosi’s party gained control of the House), the optimism that fueled their own movement has understandably waned.

    Hence, the RISE of the grassroots *conservative* movement in post-2008 America (“Tea Party”, 9/12, etc)… versus the CONTRACTION of 2008’s grassroots *liberal* movement (now taking form as a “Coffee Party”).

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