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912 covers a large area. Is there some coordination reguarding  Allen West  and other people the 912 is backing? I made phone calls on the last election. I hope Fred gives me names of Republicans and Independents I could call in the Juno Beach area. Are you in talks of other groups to tie together a stronger voice in the coming  election?



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  1. South Florida 912 South Florida 912 says:

    Bill – There are multiple ways to get involved. Allen West has a strong organization and does walks in the north County area on weekends, as well as supporting a call from home program (through the campaign – allenwestforcongress.com ) Joe Budd has a similar setup down south ( joebuddforcongress.com

    We are organizing a 912 volunteer force like we had for Ed Lynch (and you helped us with) in the April special election and I’ll be getting in touch with you about that. If you want to get started now, you can make calls for Sherry Lee and Tami Donnally through their websites (which use our phone bank system), and we will shortly be adding some additional banks for other candidates. Just go to their websites and register as a volunteer.

    We are also working with the South Florida Tea Party on candidate support in the north county – join us on 10/4 at the Borland Center for a candidate event.

    Thanks for you offer, we’ll be in touch,

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