Let’s Send Tami Donnally to Tallahassee

Tami is active on the Campaign Trail.  Just tonight she was with members of the Gold Coast Credit Union – who represent thousands of South Florida voters.  And tomorrow, she will be meeting with students from the Lake Worth Campus of Palm Beach State College.

The message is clear and simple – we need to make way for business to grow in South Florida and create jobs.  As a legislator, Tami will work to remove restrictions and mandates which stifle business and increase costs as well as work to help implement Rick Scott’s 7-7-7 Plan to create 700,000 jobs in 7 years.

Jobs, together with Education will be Tami’s primary focus… but we have to get elected first.  We cant thank you all enough for the calls, walks, sign waving and support.  But we need donations too.

There are three T’s – Time, Talent and Treasury.  If you given already have, thank you.  You can give again.  If you have already given for the General cycle, thank you thank you.  If you’re waiting for a good time – NOW IS A GOOD TIME.

Absentee Ballots are on their way out. Votes are about to be cast. We’re just over 30 days from Reclaiming America. One seat at a time.  THE TIME IS NOW! 

This election is more than just a choice between candidates; it is a referendum on the very identity of our country. We must stand up to the broken ways of the establishment and fight to preserve the values that we all hold dear.

Help us reach our goal and send a message that elections do matter – that your voice counts – and that we will not let up until victory on November 2nd. Please make a donation to our fundraising drive and please send this message to your friends and ask for their help AND their vote!   www.tamidonnally.com/donate

Thank you!

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