County Commission Hikes Taxes Yet Again

On Tuesday evening, the Palm Beach County Commission voted 4-2 to raise county tax rates 9.3%, on top of a 15% increase last year. TAB had proposed specific cuts of $50M (2.5% of the $4B adopted budget) that would have prevented the hike. We also asked the commissioners to defer the Fire/Rescue raises (4% increase on a $140,000 average compensation – costing $14M in this budget), and to defer some capital spending. Fire/Rescue cuts would not have affected the county-wide millage (it is a separate line item) but would have been an acknowledgement that the public sector union employees are not completely isolated from economic conditions affecting those who pay their salaries.

Thanks to all the 912 members and others who came to the meeting to speak in favor of the TAB proposal, we did make an impression. A quick look at the recording will see Sue Varey, Ed Fulop, Clair Donegan, David DiCrescenzo, Fred and Iris Scheibl, Virginia Brook, Mary Ann Polulack, Mike Lameyer, Dionna Hall, Christina Pearce, Victoria Thiel, Shannon Armstrong, Hal Valeche and Nancy Hogan.

Read about the meeting on the TAB website: CLICK HERE

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