CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 7

CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 7CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com to be called into the security office so that you will be admitted. Also, any visitor will then be met at the clubhouse security desk by one of us so that a $3.00 day pass can be obtained in the lobby office.

At 10 am on Oct. 7 in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse, Classroom C, the Super Seniors will be meeting to discuss the effects on Seniors of changes to Medicare and to our income taxes. State and local matters will be on the agenda also.

Jim Carver will be leading the meeting and all Seniors are invited to join us as we share information on the latest developments in critical areas of our lives.  Bring your questions and your knowledge to share with other Seniors.

West Palm Beach Century Village is a gated community. We welcome all attendees, and you can email us at


4 Responses to “CV 912 Super Seniors Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 7”
  1. Karen Strickland says:

    saw Glenn Beck show on 10/11/10 and heard Barbara’s comments. I am interested in the portion of the show that talked about grandparents homeshcooling their grandchildren. Is your organization affiliated with homeshcooling?

    • Robert Montes says:

      Karen, I’m also very interested. What an incredible idea. Incredible. Neighbors and cousins can team up to do m-w-f classes and tu-th classes to give seniors days off, substitute, share their skill sets and teach what they love and who they love what they know best. Holidays are shared and summers off. Close many schools, reduce waste and rein in union benefits and liberal brainwashing of our kids. Better values, morals, discipline, flag, God,and love. What more? Beyond belief.

      • Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

        Hello Robert,

        As I replied to Karen, I hope you will also come to the http://www.912SuperSeniors.org website and sign up for the newsletter to participate in the education initiative.

        I love your post here and certainly many Seniors would agree with you!

        Co Founder: 912 Super Seniors

    • Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

      Hi Karen,

      The challenge by Glenn to seniors to become engaged in the education of their grandchildren has generated repsonses from grandparents already doing exactly that!

      Other Seniors have varying ideas for supplementing children’s educations.

      Please visit the website at http://www.912SuperSeniors.org

      Register for the newsletter there which will cover the education initiative for the 912 Super Seniors.

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