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I made freedom count — I voted! Did you?

I remember our counter on the home page, back when it was somewhere close to “500 days until reckoning”!  As I type this today, it is at 4.  Four days. 96 hours until the launch of what I believe will come to be known as the Reclamation; the day we started to take our country back.  The Great Awakening has already begun, in the weeks before the first Tea Parties in April of 2009, and as more eyes continue to be opened, and results from the changes in policy direction begin to be realized, we will once again succeed in beating back the forces of progressivism for another generation (God willing!)  Like any launch — boat, ship, or space shuttle — it is only the beginning of the journey.  I hope for all of our sakes that no one sees next Tuesday as the finish line, and they will see their work as done.


Busted! Alex Sink caught on tape cheating during CNN debate with Rick Scott

Thanks to a camera man who happened to leave his camera “rolling” during a commercial break, we get a little glimpse into the campaign psyche of Ms. Sink.  Watch it here, then you be the judge . . . . at the polls!

Vote NO on School Tax Increase

Our “Leader’s Picks” proposes a NO vote on the School Tax Increase. Since this is mentioned in the Sunday 10/24 Marc Freeman article in the print version of the Sun Sentinel, along with a link to this website, this post further explains our position. Click HERE for the article.

The very last question on the ballot concerns the School Board tax surcharge. An “extra” tax of .25 ad valorem millage was levied by the School Board last year, and extended so as to apply to the 2010 and 2011 budget years. It is set to expire at the end of June next year. This was provided for by the State Legislature, but extension beyond 2 years requires approval of the voters. Now the school district is asking the voters to extend it for 4 years, to 2015, for “school operational needs”.

The School District is using taxpayer money in their campaign to get the measure approved, purchasing robo calls and distributing flyers. This appears to be another example of government officials advocating for their positions in public debate – much as county employees are turned out by their managers to speak at commission meetings in favor of keeping programs or increasing spending.

It should be noted that 3 of the 7 School Board members voted against putting this measure on the ballot.

THIS SHOULD BE SOUNDLY REJECTED for the following reasons:

  • The school board needs to pass a budget every year to fund its operations. This budget is scrutinized in public meetings, and voted on by the School Board members. If they decide to raise our taxes, it is done in the open and justified by conditions, mandates, exceptional circumstances – whatever. The key thing is that the public has a role in the process. This surcharge takes the levy out of the public eye for another 4 years.
  • It is a tax increase, not an “extension”. The initial imposition of the tax committed it to end next year. Anyone planning their tax burden for the next year has taken its termination into account. If this passes, IT IS A NEW TAX not an extension.
  • Many would argue that the growth of the school budget over the last 8 years, like the county budget, has been excessive – more driven by the availability of property taxes linked to the real estate bubble than to needs of the district. Yes, there are mandates to deal with (eg. class size), but with these economic conditions, the entire budget should be scrubbed before another tax increase is added to the millage increase just approved for the 2011 budget.

TAB – the Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board (of which South Florida 912 is a coalition partner) has the school budget on its radar and plans a full review of the budget and its history during the FY2012 cycle

Jeff Atwater Engages FLIMEN about Immigration Bill

In deciding our “leader’s picks” for the election, we decided not to choose a candidate for CFO. Although the alternatives to Jeff Atwater are not at all acceptable, we felt that Jeff had 2 significant strikes against him: pushing through Sunrail, and bottling up immigration reform in Senate committee after HB291 passed the House with a 112-0 vote. Another candidate we do support (Ellyn Bogdanoff) was also a Sunrail proponent, but in the Atwater case it was two strikes.

Since we published our picks, Jeff reached out to us and we had a wide-ranging discussion on this and other issues. He would like to better introduce himself to the grassroots community, and we will have him as a speaker in a future 912 meeting.

Jeff also reached out to FLIMEN (FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement), who had worked on immigration reform in the state over the last year, and faulted Senator Atwater for killing it in committee. We based our assessment on their analysis of events. Now (although he will no longer be in the Senate) Jeff is working to identify a sponsor in the next session and has indicated a desire to see e-verify legislation become law.

For a FLIMEN view of events, see The Story Behind E-Verify for Florida 2010, including the text of Jeff Atwater’s letter to FLIMEN.

PBC Non-Partisan video explaining the Ballot Amendments

The County has been making the rounds of public libraries giving non-partisan lectures explaining the Ballot Amendments.  They made a video of one of the sessions that can be viewed here.

If you have questions, contact:

Todd Bonlarron, Legislative Affairs Director 301 North Olive Ave., Suite 1101 West
Palm Beach, Florida 33401 Tel: 561-355-3451 E-mail: tbonlarr@pbcgov.org

Two weeks notice!

When you are getting ready to make a current employer a former employer, the generally accepted industry standard is to give your bosses two weeks notice.  Well, incumbents — the election is two weeks from today.  Your constituents — your bosses — have asked for your resignations. Ron Klein, Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Alcee Hastings, Alan Grayson, Kathy Castor, Suzanne Kosmas, et al — we’re waiting . . . .

What are you waiting for? ACT NOW!

You’ve stood on corners, waved signs, called and faxed your representatives to try and have an impact.  But isn’t the upcoming Election ultimately what it’s all been about?  Electing people who understand your positions, listen to you and who will be accountable to you?



Do your research, then check out our Leaders’ Picks.  Then Vote!  And take your neighbors with you!

Early voting locations are found here: Early Voting Locations.


Make phone calls or walk or put out signs for your favorite candidates – look at their websites for how you can help them.  Click on Elections, pick the campaign you want to work on and click on the Candidate for their website.


For Central Palm Beach County locations: Joe Budd, Tami Donnally and Sherry Lee campaigns are trying to maximize volunteer shift coverage by working together to cover the main locations.   Please contact any of those campaigns directly or call Melissa Nash Andrews at 561 436 5836 or melissa@tamidonnally.com to sign up to take a shift or several shifts.  The Early Voting locations are open from 10-6 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturday and Sunday.

Additionally – Allen West needs Early Voting coverage at the two northern locations – Palm Beach Gardens Library and Jupiter Library for 2 hour shifts – contact Ralph Eltringham at ralphde33@gmail.com or call 561-744-5522 and give them your polling place choice, day and time committment. 

Undecided or not – watch FL US Senator and Governor Debates

Nova Southeastern University will be hosting debates for US Senate on Tuesday evening and Governor on Wednesday evening, viewable on WPTV Channel 5.  The details can be found in Post On Politics.

Sherry Lee to Speak at WPB Century Village Tuesday, Oct 19, 10 am

This Tuesday morning candidate for County Commission , District 2, Sherry Lee will be speaking at the West Palm Beach Century Village Clubhouse in Classroom C.

All are welcome to attend and hear Sherry speak about her goals as our Century Village Commissioner. If you do not live inside WPB Century Village, please ask for access on Tuesday by emailing your name and request to CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com

Sherry Lee’s goals as presented on her web site are:

As your county commissioner, I will work to ….

Lower your taxes so you keep more of your money

Reduce wasteful government spending and regulation

Help small businesses create new jobs

Strengthen and expand our new ethics rules

Make Palm Beach County an affordable place to live, do business and take pride in again.

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