Stand up if you are working on a campaign! Still sitting ?

Just taking a little poll of my own trying to gauge what campaigns have gotten people up off the couch and out there on the street corner waving signs, or making phone calls. Everyone has a favorite so lets hear it. Do you have a favorite candidate that is in another state, or is a local race for Mayor or County Commission┬áthat has you fired up. I would love to hear from everyone to see who they are rallying behind. If you are not sure where to start, or have not been inspired to DO SOMETHING YET? Let me inspire you now. IT IS DIRE you MUST get involved. MAKE PHONE CALLS!!!!!!!! It is soooo easy you can do it from home on your computer. Please let me know if you need to get connected. Those of you who are hard at work share with us who you are working for and any tidbits of information, share your action,your ideas, stories about the friendships, the characters that you have met and the accomplishments. You can post on this blog or email me and we can see what and who is catching peoples eye. GET INFORMED AND GET INVOLVED! – Phone banking available on our website – contact info@southflorida912.org to get started.


8 Responses to “Stand up if you are working on a campaign! Still sitting ?”
  1. I am personally working on Tami Donnally’s campaign, Joe Budd, Sherry Lee and Allen West. I love and support many more but with my time limited with 3 kids and the 912 group it is hard. I have done sign waiving, walked precincts and made phone calls. Tell me who you are supporting.

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I’ve made contributions to the campaigns of Colonel West, Joe Budd, and Sherry Lee. I’ve volunteered and sign-waived for both congressional candidates, collecting signatures and distributing pamphlets for the Colonel, and building and installing the roadside signs for Joe. In the coming weeks, I will split my time between these three worthy candidates, and possibly Ellyn Bogdanoff’s race as well.

  3. Dmitry Levin says:

    This Budd’s for you!

    Go West!

    Alison Rampersad WORKING FOR YOU!

    As Joyce recently said on her program: you should not have hobby, free time, watch foodball, buy new gadgets, go on vacation, etc. before November 2. Your money, time, effort, and mainly – gray cells have to work full time for the benefit of your candidates. Ashamed to admit that mine are engaged 50%. Pledge to go full throttle in the last four weeks.


  4. David DiCrescenzo David DiCrescenzo says:

    There are a lot of candidates I like around the country, all of whom are in my prayers. Closer to home in Florida, I’m very much liking some great candidates. Starting with those I can vote for, Allen West has some of my time, talent, and treasure; as does Joe Budd, Tami Donnally, and Sherry Lee.

    I would hope all of these people get the seats they are running for. I also pray that Alycee Hastings is shown the door, along with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Alan Grayson. November 2, 2010 promises to be a happy day for American Patriots; we can only do our best and pray our hardest. In the end, it is up to Him.

  5. yorkiemum Victoria Thiel says:

    Am donating to all viable, important candidates nationwide, phone banking, desk duty, stuffing envelopes, precinct walking for Allen West; also phone banking for Sherry Lee, Marco Rubio and Steve Rosenblum. Walking my precints for Budd and all state and national Republicans this weekend. Anyone that helps me in my precinct can call on me to help in theirs. Attend meetings and rallies. Have set all personal endeavors but the most pressing aside to get our candidates into their respective offices.

  6. yorkiemum Victoria Thiel says:

    By the way, doing all this despite my car accident and remaining broken wrist.

  7. Wally Glowacki says:

    I am new at this and 76, so I am restricting my efforts to Allen West’s campaign. He is the first candidate EVER to get me out to help. Although he seems too good to be true, I am convinced he is even better for us and our country than I can imagine. I would support him for President in 2012, but first things first. We need to get Congress back on track. I believe Allen is the man for the job.

  8. jessicadornblaser jessicadornblaser says:

    I’m trying my best to help all the candidates. Working with the repubs to ensure every voter goes out to vote! Made packets to leave at the doors that has candidates in all races in PBC!

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