Four Weeks – Remember in November

Fellow 912’ers,
I saw this video on facebook it is by the group Citizen’s United who took a major interest in Ed Lynch and the special election a few months ago. It is a powerful video that we should be recognizing. Use this as motivation over the next few weeks and as a reminder of what has happened since the 2008 election.

On Youtube
We need each of you now more than ever! We need help with literature drops. This is not hard work, but we need a lot of help because there is a lot of County to cover and less than 4 weeks to do it! We are not knocking doors, we are only hanging prepackaged bags (with every candidates information) on the doors of those who ONLY VOTE in presidential years. We see a lot of close races and we need these votes to help our candidates secure their victories. This task can virtually be done anytime of day.
I am disturbed that its the same people doing the things that each of you should be doing. I am frustrated at those who refuse to help, and even more upset with those who pledge and then back out. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a time of “oh well we will get them next time”. This is it! As Allen West so eloquently put it, “This is the fourth quarter”. It’s all or nothing.
So now is the time to put up or shut up. Stop complaining about the government you so deserve and put actions behind your words. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and do what needs to be done!
We have broken down the County into 5 regions. Each region every weekend starting on Saturday October 16th will be participating in neighborhood walks. There will be two organized shifts every Saturday and Sunday. One from 10-2 and 3-7. If you cannot make that schedule you can drop by any of the three action centers and pick up a precinct to walk on your own.
Please watch the video…  
Contact me or the republican party to get involved!
Jessica Dornblaser
Republican Party of Palm Beach County


One Response to “Four Weeks – Remember in November”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Great video. Get your brooms ready . . . .

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