Amendment 5 and 6 – Trojan Horses for the Statists!

                                                                                                October 9, 2010

 Dear Patriots,

 It is my opinion that Amendment’s 5 and 6 are Trojan Horses for the Statists. 

FairDistrictsFlorida.org is chaired by the former Mayor of Miami, Manny Diaz and his Treasurer is Attorney Richard Berkowitz.  Berkowitz has donated thousands of dollars to Democrat Congressman Ron Klein who most South Floridians know as a rubber-stamp for Speaker Pelosi’s and President Obama’s designs to discard the Constitution and usher in a Socialist tyranny.

The Ballot Summary is enticing to a conservative; especially the third sentence.  However, sentence two raises some “red flags” for me.  Does that mean an incumbent Republican could not have his district redrawn to encompass a neighborhood that has historically voted Democrat?  I can only imagine how an activist judge would rule on that!  Look, I’m a Divemaster, not a political scientist.  I don’t know exactly what this would lead to; but I do have a “commie radar” and it’s wailing in my ears!

They’ve been collecting money for these Amendments since 2006.  Who have they been collecting from you ask?  In 2007 ACORN gave them $25,000.  Do you share the values of ACORN?  In the same year Alan Grayson, yes that Alan Grayson, donated $12,000 for Amendments 5 and 6 too.  Robert Wexler even donated $25,000 from his campaign committee.  Need I say more?

Ok, if you’re not fully convinced here’s a couple more:

 Emily’s List – They promote Pro-Abortion Politicians – $12,065.35

Florida Education Association – Teacher’s Union – $650,000.00

Florida Ballot Watch Committee – Who are these guys? – $500,000.00

League of Conservation Voters – Liberals? – $50,000.00

National Education Association – Socialist Teacher’s Union – $359,570.36

Rockefeller Family Fund – Socialists – $131,000.00

SEIU – Commie Union Thugs – $625,000.00

Teamsters – See Above – $23,750.00

One Thousand Six-Hundred and Thirteen Lawyers contributed $1,118,750.02

            I am a Christian and a Conservative.  NONE of these groups share my values, in fact, we’re diametrically opposed!  They are the enemies of Liberty.

            Vote NO on 4, 5 and 6!  Interested in investigating the donors?  Send an e-mail to: swathdiver@yahoo.com and I’ll send you the excel spreadsheet I made from this data:

 In God Is Our Trust,

James Burns

Port Saint Lucie, Florida


4 Responses to “Amendment 5 and 6 – Trojan Horses for the Statists!”
  1. Steven Pilenian says:

    The Rockefellers are socialists???!! Give me a break.
    Commie radar??? Give me a break 2. Haven’t you noticed there ARE no more commies anymore — not in Russia and China is in name only.

    Swathdiver (that sounds dirty) must be code for nut case.

  2. Eric Halberg says:

    I couldn’t disagree more on this website post. Your hateful comments towards the left are unethical and leave in question your morals and ethics. If anything, thank you for convincing us even more so to vote YES on Amendments 4, 5, 6. I am a Jew and a Democrat.

    In G-d is our trust. There I agree with you.

  3. grannyAnnie says:

    Thanks so much for the info! I’d already decided to vote ‘no’ on 4 but needed more information regarding ‘5’ and ‘6’. Now I know to vote NONONONONO!
    God bless you.
    PS…pay no attention to the libtards.They will soon be toast. REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!!

  4. bichonmom says:

    Thank you for the information. I agree, if those orgaizations donated money for this, then I am against it. Rather than commie radar you should have said socialist, marxist radar. Same difference to me.

    NONONONONO on 4, 5 and 6.

    In God I trust.

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