VFW moves to abolish VFW-PAC over questionable endorsements

At today’s Allen West / Ron Klein debate at Lynn University, Ron Klein claimed the endorsement of the VFW.  Several people in the audience screamed out “NO” and “VFW PAC”.  Klein then corrected his statement and said “VFW PAC” and how proud he was of the endorsement.

Read this Hot Air blog entry: VFW Battles VFW PAC Over Endorsements


One Response to “VFW moves to abolish VFW-PAC over questionable endorsements”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    They’ve got a long-standing record of endorsing incumbents simply because of what I’ve heard called “statistical politics”; on average, 98% of all incumbents get re-elected at least once in their career. So, if they want to make friends, there’s a good chance that the guys in office will be around to say thank you in their own special way. However, when the group claims to support veteran’s issues, and the challenger is an actual veteran, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to go the other way. Let’s make this election the year that being an incumbent is a monkey on their back — RE-ELECT NOBODY!!!! Flip the house!!!

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