Vote YES on the Ethics Charter Amendment!

While Leader’s Picks listed a ‘Yes’ vote for the ballot question on the Palm Beach County Ethics Charter Amendment, I thought that the question deserved additional focus.  Many of you in South Florida 912 had a lot to do with the County Commission adopting the initial set of  Ordinances (Code of Ethics, Commission on Ethics and Inspector General) last December.

The ballot question has bad placement on our county’s four-page ballot – as it will appear on the 4th page (thus the back of the 2nd physical page).  Obviously, there is concern that people will ‘give up’ before they even get that far into the ballot.

Help us get the word out.   We’ve joined with several other co-sponsors of a website (Ethics PBC) and a facebook page (Vote Yes on Ethics).   The website details what a “Yes” vote means, lists articles supporting the ballot amendment, lists an analysis of the amendment and sponsors.  Please email the link to your voting Palm Beach County family and friends and ‘Share’ the facebook page with all of your facebook friends. 

Our work to end “Corruption County” is just beginning.  Ultimately we want the Constitutional Officers as well as the School Board and other tax-levying authorities to be under the Ethics ordinances as well.  Help us make this happen with the first big step of getting the Amendment passed!

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