Jeff Atwater Engages FLIMEN about Immigration Bill

In deciding our “leader’s picks” for the election, we decided not to choose a candidate for CFO. Although the alternatives to Jeff Atwater are not at all acceptable, we felt that Jeff had 2 significant strikes against him: pushing through Sunrail, and bottling up immigration reform in Senate committee after HB291 passed the House with a 112-0 vote. Another candidate we do support (Ellyn Bogdanoff) was also a Sunrail proponent, but in the Atwater case it was two strikes.

Since we published our picks, Jeff reached out to us and we had a wide-ranging discussion on this and other issues. He would like to better introduce himself to the grassroots community, and we will have him as a speaker in a future 912 meeting.

Jeff also reached out to FLIMEN (FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement), who had worked on immigration reform in the state over the last year, and faulted Senator Atwater for killing it in committee. We based our assessment on their analysis of events. Now (although he will no longer be in the Senate) Jeff is working to identify a sponsor in the next session and has indicated a desire to see e-verify legislation become law.

For a FLIMEN view of events, see The Story Behind E-Verify for Florida 2010, including the text of Jeff Atwater’s letter to FLIMEN.

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