The 2nd Verse of the Anthem

Welcoming home fallen warrior – Final part of the mission …

SSG Juan Rivadeneira is going to be laid to rest at South Florida National
Cemetery. Please find below the info on the final part of this mission
and join when and where you can.

Tuesday, 30 Nov 2010
Funeral Services: Church of the Little Flower
1805 Pierce St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Staging: 9:45am-10:15am
Briefing: 10:15am
Flag line: 10:30am
Service starts: 11:00am

Escort following services to South Florida National Cemetery
for interment @ 2:00pm.
(6501 State Road 7 Lake Worth, FL 33449 – (561) 649-6489 )

If you are unable to make the Funeral Services and escort,
you can stage at the cemetery @ 1:00pm – 1:30pm and set
a flag line there for their arrival.


What I am Thankful for…

A year and a half ago, I had approached a place where I had all but given up. Without much energy or spirit, I forged on out of habit, trying to right the wrongs of our local governments. Fate connected me to John Sottilare, then to Shannon and Doug Armstrong, then to Michele Kirk and PBC Lower Taxes Now, then again to Fred and Iris Scheibl and TAB. 

Then came the campaign. I met so many people who energized me and made me feel like I should keep trying. Our message was simple, end the careless spending and corruption. By the end of the campaign, we had become enough of a threat that the opponent adopted our message. Then came the election results. While not the outcome we all worked so hard for, the numbers were amazing. 42% of people voted for a true conservative, and the other 58% voted for a conservative message. This is something to celebrate here in deep blue PBC.

So this Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for all of the people who placed their hope in me, gave of their time and money and prayers to lift me, my campaign and our message to the highest level. I know our voices were heard and that we are a force to be recognized. I know we will all regroup and continue on with new energy and faith and hope as we continue to wrestle the beast that is threatening our way of life and our freedoms. Thank you Doug and Shannon and to all the members of the 912 group. You are a special lot and I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of people.

WPB 912 Super Seniors to Meet Thursday, Dec. 2

This Thursday, Dec. 2, at 10 am the CV912 Super Seniors will meet in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse in Classroom C. This meeting will be run by Jim Carver.  Topics for discussion include  escalating health insurance premiums, food and energy inflation and the importance of our influence on our children and grandchildren.

We welcome the CV residents returning for the season. 

This is a gated community.  If you live outside Century Village and would like to be our guest, please email your request to

This group meets the first Thursday of each month at 10am in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse.

Gratitude from the 912 Super Seniors Volunteers

On this Thanksgiving Day we volunteers at 912 Super Seniors give thanks to God…

For our families surrounding us and those forever in our hearts.

For America, our heritage, our homeland.

For our military who, like my own father in World War II,

signed a check to our country

payable even to the extent of their own lives

to defend our constitution and protect our freedoms.

For Glenn Beck who gave us facts we don’t always want to hear,

advised us to do our own research,

volunteered to be thrown under the bus so we would debate the issues

…and not defend him.

For Americans who walked out of familiar territory,

said goodbye to their comfort zone

founded tea party and 912 groups

and awakened millions of Americans.

For Margaret who grew up under Stalin and Hitler

who stands with her sign on a street corner each Saturday

often alone

because she sees America going in a wrong direction.

To South Florida 912

who encouraged the first 912 Super Seniors group

and continues to provide support and friendship.

For the Super Seniors who took the food inflation surveys

completed them and,

in spite of website issues and survey design vagaries,

got the first week’s data to us

For the Super Seniors

who wrote emails of encouragement

to us volunteers

and volunteered their skills to help.

For the Super Seniors

who are eager to join groups

and those who are willing to assume leaders’ roles.

For the 36 million Seniors 65 and over

And the 77 million Baby Boomers following them

Whose voices will be heard

In resounding support

For our American heritage and our precious freedoms.






The lost lesson of the first Thanksgiving

File:Brooklyn Museum - Embarkation of the Pilgrims - Robert Walter Weir - overall.jpg

Follow the link here to a great essay written by John Stossel about diary entries from Governor Bradford, and the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony in the early 1620’s.  Their economy was first planned communally, and it almost cost them they’re lives.  An idea saved them, however — the same idea that will save us as a country today.

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends at South Florida 912 and elsewhere, allow me to offer my sincerest best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving.  Time spent with family and friends is always a treasured event, but somehow it is especially so at this time of the year.

Most of us stop at this time of year to think about the blessings in our lives and give thanks for them, and I’m no different.  I must admit, this year is a little over-whelming for me.  During the past year, I’ve met, made friends with, and added some great people to my extended family.

While I absolutely adore everyone of my new group of friends, I’d be remiss not to thank those that I’ve connected and spent the most time with.  Doug and Shannon*, Ed Fulop*, Fred and Iris, Ken and Jeannie, Boris, Starla, Larry M, Jason and Candi*, Matt and Chrissy*, Tammie and Dave, Michele Kirk*, Kamal, Ellen S., Lynne S, and a whole host of others.  We cannot pick our family members, but you all are very special to me and I would add you if I could, and I thank God everyday for every one of you.  One way or the other, you’ve all been a huge blessing in my life.  We’ve all shared some happy times and some sorrows; but we’ve all grown stronger through it all as well.  By the way, those of you with the * after your names represent your kids who are just awesome as well.

Today, I had the opportunity to help prepare some Thanksgiving meals at my church.  While doing so, I met some of my friends from there, and while I wasn’t looking for any 912 people, I found them, and they found me.  Ed Fulop and his family, along with Lynne Sherrer were right there with me preparing meals for delivery tomorrow.  How awesome and unimaginable that is.  We all know each other from several different places, and then we meet up unexpectedly just to help others.  There are no accidents, and I get a little teary eyed just thinking about how that all came to be.

Tomorrow, we’ll be getting those meals delivered to so many people who otherwise wouldn’t have anything to eat, let alone a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  That by the way, is what I am most happy about today; I don’t know exactly how many people I’ll have the opportunity to help tomorrow, maybe one, maybe a handful, or maybe  dozens.  But, by His grace and the efforts of literally hundreds of great people, there will be a few more smiles, and a few more full bellies tomorrow, and for that I am so thankful.

We’ve all seen a lot of action in the past several months; the campaigns and elections have come and gone, and many of our people are on their way to DC or other offices.  To those that didn’t win, I’d like to take a moment and really thank you.  You all ran great races, stood firm, made sacrifices that only you know about, and faced the giants at every step.  Even where we didn’t come out on top, we sent a strong message that we are here to stay and “they” need to watch their step.  Next time, so soon from now, we will prevail, and I will be honored to stand with you in our quest.

In closing, have a great and safe Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of this wonderful season.  There will be some tough times ahead, but let us lock arms, stay focused, and look up for guidance as we move forward together.  God bless you all, and God bless America.

Nationally, tea party groups turn to local issues

The South Florida 912 came together with national interests in mind, but has been involved with local issues for well over a year, starting with the county ethics ordinances. Now it is becoming a national phenomenon as groups that worked hard on the elections are turning their sights on the local governments – fighting excess spending, higher taxes, and other issues, and recruiting candidates for local office.

For some perspective, read the Wall Street Journal article: Tea Parties Turn to Local Issues

Advocacy on issues is not so different than working for candidates. We have developed a set of tools that can bring about change on the local level. Instead of sign-waving on the street, go to the commission and school board meetings. Instead of using the phonebanks for GOTV efforts, call the voters in a particular district to put pressure on their commissioners and school board members. Write letters to the editor and blog posts on local issues, especially regarding spending and ethics. Scrutinize those consent agendas, watch the meetings on channel 20 and let the commissioner know you are watching them.

We in 912 will help by providing guidance on the issues (especially through our alliance with the Taxpayer Action Board) and raise the alarm when action is needed. Watch for our coverage of the upcoming budget hearings. If you would like to join a project team and work on a taxpayer committee, send us a note at

It is a new day. Palm Beach County – time to pay attention!

Feeling Thankful

I have been writing and re-writing this blog in my head for a few weeks. It’s hard putting my thoughts together when my ideas and feelings are so scattered.

This past year, actually this last year and a half I have found miracles all around me. It began with finding out that “we surround them” at a meeting with approximately 350 strangers. That meeting changed my life. It changed my family’s life. We made new friends. We found that we were not alone. Not alone in our concerns, not alone in our desire to understand what was going on in our government, not alone in our determination to become self reliant, not alone in our quest to be more responsible for our community and in the outcome of legislation and elections. We could look around and see that we were NOT ALONE at all.

My first memory of the inaugural 912 meeting was looking across the room and meeting Dmitry – the most outspoken Russian I had ever met. Today he is a dear friend. On that day I met a man sitting at a crowded table with people he never met, all of them laughing and sharing chicken wings. Today Ed Fulop and his family are not only great friends but Ed is a terrific leader in our 912 group. Roberto, a new face to me then is now like a family friend and terrific bus trip organizer and leader in our group. Roberto’s story about becoming an American would make any one have watery eyes. I spoke for hours with the Rogers family and the Moffit family, sharing my worries and excitement before our first “meetup”. They will always be very dear to me. I met a mom with strong faith in God and great ideas, she also was creative and she shared in her talents. Michelle was a leader of our group, then spring boarded her experience to where she is now the organizer of Teens In Action, and Lower Taxes now here in Palm Beach County. Lynne Sherrer, who I just respect and care so much about. Jason Shields who at that first meeting I knew really only from Church and now he and his family are our best friends. I have met so many amazing people back at that first group meeting. I met Daria who is a great inspiration, author and a “Conservative Diva”. Ellen a great photographer and “Diva”, Ray Hite, Lori Perry, Melissa Andrews. Mike Lamayer, Alison Rampersad, Lori and Mark Parris, Irene, Frank and Donna, Wayne and Tina, Mathew and Christy, Jim, Terry, Darlene, Jessica, Tim, Ed, Nancy, Helen and Debye and so many others I cannot name.

The word first implies that there are more… many many more. Since that FIRST meeting was just a beginning, and it was just that, a real beginning of something special. People have stepped up in leadership in the group, a few have run campaigns, and some have run for office. Some have started their own groups. There were and have been ups and downs. Some tears were shed and feelings were hurt. Thru it all the group grew and got stronger. The leaders faces changed and the group became more directed. My heart just pounds with gratitude and love for those leaders that surround me. Last week when I was at our monthly leaders meeting at John Bull and I looked around I could not help to think how much these people are like family to me. Everyone sitting at the table really wants to make our community a better place to be. We all are a part of that. I looked around the table and even thought it was a rectangle I saw it as a round table with each leader having a special contribution to the greater of the whole movement. I have come to love these people, care about them, and their families. The 912 has become something so much more to me then just a place to find others who feel like I do. It has become a gathering of motivated people who are tied together thru a familial bond.

It may appear I am rambling and maybe I am… however in this month of Thanksgiving I cannot help but to remember the “first” meeting of our group and the bonds that have grown and the new friendships that have been made along the way. I am so grateful to our core leader group, My husband Doug, Fred and Iris, Jason, Dave, Boris, Jim H and Loreen, Jim B, Mickey and Mj, Ken and Jeane, Roberto, and Ed. I am thankful for things that we have worked so hard on this past year. We have some success and failures and with each we have learned something. A year ago the “new website rolled out and look at how much has happened since. We have collected food for canned good drives, we helped with money and food for Haiti, 912 CV Super Seniors grew and is now a hit nationwide, the Inspector General is now in place in our county, we helped get elected conservative principled candidates. We are coalition members of TAB the Tax Payer Action Board. We are teaching people about county budgets and talking about the Constitution. Our language has changed. We are talking to our neighbors. We are going to church, reading our bible and studying our history. WE are growing in our individual strength and growing as a group of concerned citizens who are actively participating in the process. My children and my other 912ers children are being affected by this movement as well. I have taken my kids to DC, and Philadelphia, Jamestown, Gettysburg and Boston. We talk about the history of our great nation, we talk about the future. Thru my childrens eyes I have been able to see so much more, and appreciate so much more. Thank you for all of you who have ever attended a meeting, called your Representative, sent a fax, penned a letter to the editor, waved a sign or made phone calls. I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and God Bless

Shannon Armstrong

The Burning Hearts

Please join us on Saturday the 20th, from 4pm to 6PM on the SW corner of Jog and Lantana. Bring the whole family and please join us for what we hope is the first of many sign waving gatherings to come. What better way to kick it off but to give thanks! So, whatever your thankful for, put it on a sign and join us.
So I ask you. What are you thankful for? Is it the new friends you made during the last 18 months leading up to the elections. Is it the results of the election. Is it a restored relationship? Is it our freedom to gather and share? A spouse? Because all things are possible with Christ Jesus. Your kids, youth groups or your church? Your public servants, teachers, firemen, policemen, soldiers?
So come on out and bring the whole family with some snacks and drinks as we prepare our hearts together to be truly thankful and engage in some wonderful fellowship. There is a large grassy area for blankets and kids to gather and Kim can supervise them. Bring a snack for snack-n-share and something to drink. We’ll look so forward to seeing you. God bless you all up down and all around.
Love, the Kenney Klan

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