High Speed Pork? Why trains are a waste of time and treasure.

Many of us organizers within the SF9.12 have been “railing” against the supposed virtues of high speed rail trains for a very long time.  The article just put forth on Real Clear Politics is a great “Reader’s Digest” version of the issue, for those of you who are yet undecided on the topic.  Read it here.


One Response to “High Speed Pork? Why trains are a waste of time and treasure.”
  1. Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:


    Governor elect of Ohio, John Kasich (R), campaigned on axing the pork barrel high speed rail that most Ohioans know is a waste of taxpayer money.
    After the election Kasich has asked outgoing Dem governor to stop all spending on the high speed rail project as quickly as possible.
    Strickland states that if Kasich wants to lose 600 jobs for Ohio, he will have no part of that. SO, Ohio will continue to waste taxpayer money until Kasich takes office.

    For Strickland (D), it is all about pork, pork and more pork! Wise use of taxpayer’s dollars is of no concern to him.

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