South Florida 912 members are ready for the next phase!

South Florida 912 had a good turn-out at our meeting at the Original Pancake House on Monday, November 15.  As the attendees placed food orders, we enjoyed the songs performed by members Jim and Loreen Hunter.  Members Ken and Jeanie Barnett assembled the 912 banner and turned it into a screen for our presentations.  Mickey and Marianne Polulack set up their audio system for the meeting.  After Shannon Armstrong brought the meeting to order, Doug Armstrong led us in a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Various topics were discussed:

  • Shannon  talked about the need to stay involved and be our watchdogs.  Find an area that is of interest and follow it – inform others – blog.  If something needs urgent action – let everyone know by posting or writing to info@southflorida912.org
  • Fred Scheibl gave a brief update on TAB (Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board) and encouraged others to join.  When speaking to the Board of County Commissioners on related topics – please mention your affiliation with TAB. 
  • Michele Kirk talked about feedback from her son, a Marine honoring us with his service in Afghanistan.   There are so many items that our servicemen are lacking and could use during their deployment and she suggested sending gift boxes filled with goodies for the troops.  Another person suggested throwing in a photograph of the family sending the item so the receiver could see who sent him/her the gift.  Michele will provide an address and a suggested list of box contents and post it on our 912 website. (Click HERE)
  • Doug talked about what it was like to be so involved in the campaigns – what a meaningful experience it had been.  
  • Fred also gave an update on the elections results – describing the lack of a wave, yet comparing successes of our 912 member candidates when compared to the Governor’s race.  Iris Scheibl gave an update on a particular precinct worked heavily by 912 members – and how they made a noticeable difference. (Click HERE for the charts.)

The meeting then turned to actual campaign feedback: 

  • Tami Donnally described what the campaign for Fl House District 85 had meant to her and the friends she’d made.  She listed a few campaign myths that were disproved by her campaign – one of which was that one needed a lot of money to run for office, and that one needed endorsements.  She felt that with the most important endorsements – those who supporter her – she was freer to run unencumbered by special interests. 
  • Sherry Lee was unable to attend our meeting as she was on a well-earned vacation.  Michele Kirk, as Sherry’s campaign manager, read a humorous  ‘top ten’ list of things Michele learned over the course of the campaign. (Click HERE for the list.)
  • Joe Budd thanked everyone who helped him in his quest for Congress District 19 and spoke of future plans.

Jason Shields, our resident 50/50 expert, held the drawing.  The winner, most generously, returned his winnings to South Florida 912.  Thanks so much!

Other members who also made brief announcements were:  Dr. Richard Raborn – on his plans to form a 912 off-shoot group at the south end of the county, Dean Taffell on the lame-duck session and how we need calls to action to prevent really bad stuff from getting passed, and Barry Carson encouraging Jupiter residents to come to city hall today and speak out against the city’s plans to renew the El Sol lease for another 3 years.

Thanks to all who attended and to those who also brought canned goods that will be donated to the needy for Thanksgiving.  Stay aware, stay involved and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Some pictures of the event:

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