The 10 Most Valuable Things I Learned About Running A Political Campaign

Editor’s note:Michele Kirk was the campaign manager for Sherry Lee, who ran for County Commission, district 2, capturing 42% of the vote in a 24% Republican district after a very late start.

  1. Century Village residents will do anything for free food!
  2. Volunteers cannot be forced, begged, guilted, or coerced . . . hence the definition of VOLUNTEER!
  3. It really helps if your Candidate is a genius at just about everything!
  4. Endorsements require the presence of a backbone.
  5. The Palm Beach Post suffers from temporary bouts of sanity
  6. Fred and Iris Scheibl are absolutely PRICELESS people! There is no way to explain or describe the kind of help they give so freely.
  7. There are people that support Candidates and then there are people that sacrifice for Candidates. The latter group changes elections.
  8. Ted White is much more attractive in person
  9. Your district is always bigger than you think
  10. Never underestimate Seniors or the value of new friends

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