Nationally, tea party groups turn to local issues

The South Florida 912 came together with national interests in mind, but has been involved with local issues for well over a year, starting with the county ethics ordinances. Now it is becoming a national phenomenon as groups that worked hard on the elections are turning their sights on the local governments – fighting excess spending, higher taxes, and other issues, and recruiting candidates for local office.

For some perspective, read the Wall Street Journal article: Tea Parties Turn to Local Issues

Advocacy on issues is not so different than working for candidates. We have developed a set of tools that can bring about change on the local level. Instead of sign-waving on the street, go to the commission and school board meetings. Instead of using the phonebanks for GOTV efforts, call the voters in a particular district to put pressure on their commissioners and school board members. Write letters to the editor and blog posts on local issues, especially regarding spending and ethics. Scrutinize those consent agendas, watch the meetings on channel 20 and let the commissioner know you are watching them.

We in 912 will help by providing guidance on the issues (especially through our alliance with the Taxpayer Action Board) and raise the alarm when action is needed. Watch for our coverage of the upcoming budget hearings. If you would like to join a project team and work on a taxpayer committee, send us a note at info@southflorida912.org

It is a new day. Palm Beach County – time to pay attention!

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