Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends at South Florida 912 and elsewhere, allow me to offer my sincerest best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving.  Time spent with family and friends is always a treasured event, but somehow it is especially so at this time of the year.

Most of us stop at this time of year to think about the blessings in our lives and give thanks for them, and I’m no different.  I must admit, this year is a little over-whelming for me.  During the past year, I’ve met, made friends with, and added some great people to my extended family.

While I absolutely adore everyone of my new group of friends, I’d be remiss not to thank those that I’ve connected and spent the most time with.  Doug and Shannon*, Ed Fulop*, Fred and Iris, Ken and Jeannie, Boris, Starla, Larry M, Jason and Candi*, Matt and Chrissy*, Tammie and Dave, Michele Kirk*, Kamal, Ellen S., Lynne S, and a whole host of others.  We cannot pick our family members, but you all are very special to me and I would add you if I could, and I thank God everyday for every one of you.  One way or the other, you’ve all been a huge blessing in my life.  We’ve all shared some happy times and some sorrows; but we’ve all grown stronger through it all as well.  By the way, those of you with the * after your names represent your kids who are just awesome as well.

Today, I had the opportunity to help prepare some Thanksgiving meals at my church.  While doing so, I met some of my friends from there, and while I wasn’t looking for any 912 people, I found them, and they found me.  Ed Fulop and his family, along with Lynne Sherrer were right there with me preparing meals for delivery tomorrow.  How awesome and unimaginable that is.  We all know each other from several different places, and then we meet up unexpectedly just to help others.  There are no accidents, and I get a little teary eyed just thinking about how that all came to be.

Tomorrow, we’ll be getting those meals delivered to so many people who otherwise wouldn’t have anything to eat, let alone a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  That by the way, is what I am most happy about today; I don’t know exactly how many people I’ll have the opportunity to help tomorrow, maybe one, maybe a handful, or maybe  dozens.  But, by His grace and the efforts of literally hundreds of great people, there will be a few more smiles, and a few more full bellies tomorrow, and for that I am so thankful.

We’ve all seen a lot of action in the past several months; the campaigns and elections have come and gone, and many of our people are on their way to DC or other offices.  To those that didn’t win, I’d like to take a moment and really thank you.  You all ran great races, stood firm, made sacrifices that only you know about, and faced the giants at every step.  Even where we didn’t come out on top, we sent a strong message that we are here to stay and “they” need to watch their step.  Next time, so soon from now, we will prevail, and I will be honored to stand with you in our quest.

In closing, have a great and safe Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of this wonderful season.  There will be some tough times ahead, but let us lock arms, stay focused, and look up for guidance as we move forward together.  God bless you all, and God bless America.


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving”
  1. Well said – The Shields Family and The Waldron family as well as Tami and Dave Donnally and my family the Armstrong gang all worked tonight at the Greenacres Civic center setting up, carving turkeys, ( alot of them !!!) and serving a lot of food to the community. It was a great event and it was terrific to see the 912 gang out in the community volunteering. Great job to all of you!

    Happy Thanksgiving

    God Bless,


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