Gratitude from the 912 Super Seniors Volunteers

On this Thanksgiving Day we volunteers at 912 Super Seniors give thanks to God…

For our families surrounding us and those forever in our hearts.

For America, our heritage, our homeland.

For our military who, like my own father in World War II,

signed a check to our country

payable even to the extent of their own lives

to defend our constitution and protect our freedoms.

For Glenn Beck who gave us facts we don’t always want to hear,

advised us to do our own research,

volunteered to be thrown under the bus so we would debate the issues

…and not defend him.

For Americans who walked out of familiar territory,

said goodbye to their comfort zone

founded tea party and 912 groups

and awakened millions of Americans.

For Margaret who grew up under Stalin and Hitler

who stands with her sign on a street corner each Saturday

often alone

because she sees America going in a wrong direction.

To South Florida 912

who encouraged the first 912 Super Seniors group

and continues to provide support and friendship.

For the Super Seniors who took the food inflation surveys

completed them and,

in spite of website issues and survey design vagaries,

got the first week’s data to us

For the Super Seniors

who wrote emails of encouragement

to us volunteers

and volunteered their skills to help.

For the Super Seniors

who are eager to join groups

and those who are willing to assume leaders’ roles.

For the 36 million Seniors 65 and over

And the 77 million Baby Boomers following them

Whose voices will be heard

In resounding support

For our American heritage and our precious freedoms.






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