December 9-12 Meeting, Monday 12/13

Our monthly 9-12 Meeting will be held on Monday, 12/13, 7:00PM, at the Lantana branch of the County Library.

Our Special Guest will be Sid Dinerstein, who was re-elected on 12/8 to another term as Palm Beach County GOP Chairman, after a hard-fought campaign against challenger Ed Lynch. Sid, a true conservative and author of the book “Adults Only – For Those Who Love Their Country More Than Their Party”, is currently in the running for Chairman of the state party – the Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF).

Along with Sid we will also have some reflections on the past year by Shannon Armstrong, and a report on TAB and some other 9-12 projects.

Join us for the last get-together of an historic year.

The location of the meeting is:

Lantana Branch, PBC Library
4020 Lantana Rd
Lake Worth, FL 33462-2148
(561) 304-4500

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2 Responses to “December 9-12 Meeting, Monday 12/13”
  1. jd8501 says:

    The Republicans are playing into Obama’s hands by accepting the compromise on the tax cut extention for two years only. Businesses will not do any hiring based on two years and Obama will use the lack of hiring to prove that he was right all along to not want tax cuts for the wealthy as a 2012 campaign slogan. The Republicans should stick to their tax cuts for all or just let the Bush cuts expire and then deal with them in January and make them retroactive.

  2. Iris Iris says:

    About Sid and his run for State GOP Chair as well as background:

    Dinerstein make his pitch.

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