Hearty souls ‘braved the chill’ to attend the SFL 912 meeting!

Video of Sid’s Remarks

Thanks to all the SFL 912ers who came out in the chilly weather to our meeting at the PBC Library on Lantana Rd.  About 65 hardy folks included a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones.  Thanks to Mickey Polulack  for bringing his sound system, Jeannie and Ken Barnett for setting up our 912 banner with flags and Boris Balaban for being our group’s photographer.

Shannon Armstrong, founder, led us in a prayer and the pledge.  She then took us through a recap of the year’s activities – and what a year it was – filled with rallies, candidate events, local activism on the county level, meetings with elected officials, hard-fought campaign support (calling, walking, sign-waving) for two primaries and two elections, trips to DC and Orlando, and a lot of community volunteerism.  Shannon then told us that our work has just begun and encouraged us to become active if we’re not already and to stay active in the new year!

(Click HERE for Shannon’s Year in Review)

Fred Scheibl took us through a quick status on PBC Taxpayer Action Board (TAB) – highlighting the outreach from the last month, as the coalition added new partners Tea Party in Action, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County, and BIZPAC.  There are many ‘shovel-ready’ projects that could use some help – please check them out here and sign up at the TAB website if you think you can contribute your skills to the effort.

Member Carol Hurst gave a heart-felt plea to the group to help our grass-roots candidates who didn’t win – finding out what it would take to make them win and to provide it. 

David DiCrescenzo gave us a preview of our next meeting’s keynote speaker.  He also informed the group that the Faith, Hope and Charity class will be introduced in January – with David leading the Faith section, Doug Armstrong leading Hope and Joe Budd leading Charity.  A lot of folks signed up for the class earlier in the year – but our election focus got in the way of implementing it.

Ed Fulop gave a thorough introduction to Sid Dinerstein, newly re-elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County.  Sid gave a high-energy recap of the 2010 elections in the area.  He described the difficulty in getting candidates to run.  Sid was very upbeat on the upcoming Tallahassee legislative session – listing a lot of the subjects he expected to be addressed, including teacher tenure, Arizona style immigration reform, and budget discipline.  “This year’s Republicans are not like last year’s Republicans”. The audience was energized and encouraged by the hot topics.  He described his admiration for the ‘tea-party’ movement and his role in the first Tax Day Teaparty in WPB on 4/15/09.  And finally, Sid talked about possible GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential election and possible outcomes on the Democrat side as well.  Sid was able to answer a few questions, but we were running out of time with the hard and fast closing time at the library, so we had to end what would have been a great Q&A.

Shannon had a few more announcements, member Terry Kennedy spoke about additional volunteer opportunities and we ended the meeting with a lot of folks helping putting away chairs and bringing the assembly room to a semblance of order.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We hope to see you on  Tuesday, January 11 at the Original Pancake House in Palm Beach Gardens.

Here’s a few pictures from the event from Boris:

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