Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky!

Please join me and other fellow tea party activists as we kick-off Phil Moffetts National Grassroots campaign right here in South Florida. Phil Moffett is the tea party candidate running in a hotly contested race in Kentucky. His opponent a republican in name only is in lock step with the current liberal democrat Governor. Kentucky needs our help. They are close to dead last in education, jobs, economy and growth!

This will be the only election going on in 2011! We need your help! Come and meet Phil Moffett for one night only. This Wednesday from 6:30- 8:30 PM. Location is in Wellington. You can only come if you RSVP and you will only be allowed in if you are on the list! You may bring a guest, but it is important you get their names on the list. I will not be at the door and whoever is the watcher of the list may not know you.

This is an exciting opportunity and you may not be able to see him in Florida until after his election. Wine and Cheese will be provided, plenty of excitement, and fellow friends.

RSVP: Jessica Dornblaser 561-302-2983


I will give you the location information after you RSVP.


3 Responses to “Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky!”
  1. Fred Smith says:

    Phil Moffett has violated federal law along with Mr. Lynch. You cannot use federal funds to advocate the election of a state-level candidate. Politics 101. Phil Moffett’s a complete joke. Kentucky Republicans won’t support him, so he has to come to Florida to raise money. Pathetic.

    • Iris Iris says:

      How is Phil Moffet violating election law? A quick google on out of state donations in governors’ races found many gubernatorial candidates getting them. Individuals making campaign donations aren’t ‘federal funds’. My question has nothing to do with the merits or not of the candidate in question. I’d just like to have you send me a link to the law in question….

  2. David says:

    Interesting. I really dont think Mr. Moffett’s campaign is a joke. Not only that, I know him personally and he is a good man, with a very good understanding of finance law. His goal is simply to try and run the state of kentucky more efficiantly. I really doubt he has made any blunders such as this quite yet. If you want to make a difference get out and run like he did!

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