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If you are like me, it seems almost like every time I read an article on-line, in a paper or news magazine, I notice that the main-stream media reaches a new low in exposing their bias on one issue or another. Well, they don’t put their shovels down for very long, either.  I just read this article on Newsbusters that bothered me enough to fire off an e-mail to the editor in chief of the Washington Post, Marcus Brauchli.  ABC News merged it’s polling division with that of the Washington Post — cost-cutting consolidations not unlike all of us are experiencing at home and work — back in 2009.  Both outlets have always been extremely quick in reporting their polling results; particularly during the months leading up to the approval of the “Obamacare” health care package, there seemed to be almost daily updates on the “clear majority” of Americans that favored a public option.  Fast-forward to the present day — their latest polling collaboration found that “Obamacare” has “sunken to it’s lowest popularity yet” at 52 percent of those polled opposing the measures.  ABC almost reluctantly added the information to the backside of a report by Jake Tapper on Monday night’s World News Tonight broadcast, but the Washington Post did worse than bury it — they ignored it entirely.  Read the article here.

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