Full agenda, full house for our first meeting in 2011

The Original Pancake House dining room was packed for the first South Florida 912 meeting of the year.  Thanks again to Mickey Polulack for setting up his sound system and Ken and Jean Barnett for bringing the screen and flags.  Boris Balaban took many of the photographs.   We had at least 70 folks, among them several new faces.  Welcome all!

Shannon Armstrong, co-founder, got the meeting to order.  Doug Armstrong, co-founder led us in a heartfelt prayer for those affected by the senseless brutal shooting last Saturday.  Jason Shields led us in the Pledge and we sang the Star Spangled Banner along with the sweet voice of Cherilyn Moffett.

Ed Fulop couldn’t stay for the entire meeting, so he gave us a quick update on what could become the 28th Amendment to the Constitution if enough people encourage Congress to approve it.  While Ed will write a detailed post on it separately, found here – it is commonly known and circulated on the Internet as “The Congressional Reform Act of 2011”

Shannon gave a quick update on the history of the group, expanded on thoughts from Doug’s prayer about the tragedy and segued to our new 2nd Tuesday of every month meeting schedule, with our rotated locations.  Our next meeting will be at the Original Wellington Mall Center Court on February 8th at 7pm.  Since South Florida 912 has twelve values, Shannon will be posting a blog monthly with her thoughts on a particular value.  Read her blog entry on Honesty. 

The group has had various charitable activities.  Shannon named the activity of the next month “Balloons and Smiles” – she wants a couple of groups of 5 folks or more to go to a pediatric ward and a nursing home bringing cheer and conversation to those who could use it.  More details can be found  here.

Next up was Fred Scheibl, with a TAB update.  He listed upcoming presentations to organizations and some of the TAB articles that are either recently posted or in-progress.  A handful of new charts demonstrated the disparity between salaries and benefits for Palm Beach County’s Sheriff and Fire/Rescue versus the rest of the county employees.   We continue to need volunteers, so please go to the website or write to info@pbctab.org.    Fred also mentioned that there are a few key items that we would like our Palm Beach County Representatives and Senators to bring to Tallahassee – and it may need a concerted effort by groups like ours to make something happen.   Watch for action alerts on this.

Iris Scheibl did a quick update on the status of the Ethics and Inspector General Ordinances – which are being redrafted to incorporate the 38 municipalities.  Watch the papers for issues that may arise from the expected differing opinions that the towns bring to the issues.   The IG Drafting Committee site and status can be found here.  The Ethics Drafting Committee site and status can be found here.  Both meetings are televised on Channel 20 as well.  Iris also announced that Brian Mudd, Program Director of WJNO, will be our key-note speaker at our February meeting.  Watch for details.

Melissa Andrews and Tami Donnally – both South Florida 912 members but also Presidents of their Republican Clubs (Republican Club of the Palm Beaches and Republican Club of Central Palm Beach, respectively), attended the Inauguration Ceremonies for the new Florida administration in Tallahassee.  They shared a description of the events as well as showed us pictures of the parade and the Ball.  Melissa suggested the South Florida 912 should consider having a ‘float’ that we could drive in various local parades to increase awareness about our organization.

Time for a break!  Jason made the rounds with 50-50 while others mingled and stretched…

David DiCrescenzo introduced our key-note speaker, Kamal Fereg.  Kamal, an immigrant from Egypt and now an American citizen, described differences between how Islam is portrayed in the media versus how it is actually ‘lived’.   He explained distinctions between the Judao-Christian concept of Heaven versus the Islamic concept of Paradise.  He also touched on Sharia Law and the implications to accepting it.  Kamal has a 6 week, 2 hour seminar that will be beginning on Sunday January 23rd.    He was just ‘scratching  the surface’ with his summary and he piqued the interest of the audience!

But our meeting wasn’t over yet!  Virginia Brooks announced that the next meeting of the Christian Coalition will be held at the Palm Beach County Library on Lantana Road on January 31 at 6:30pm.  Bryan Crawley, of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, gave us a quick update on Food Storage and the art of canning.  He will post additional information on our site – about how we can both learn to can ourselves and/or purchase very long-term food items.

Shannon welcomed Carl Domino (former State Representative for District 83) and Michael Barnett (Secretary of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County) who attending our meeting.  Mike Lamayer announced that he will be again running for office and that Starla Brown will be his campaign manager.  Jason held the 50/50 drawing and Carol Hurst won.  Congratulations, Carol. 

Watch the website for details about our next meeting as well as our 2nd Anniversary meeting which will be held on March 18th at Bil Al’s Steakhouse in Legacy Place.


2 Responses to “Full agenda, full house for our first meeting in 2011”
  1. carol kalbaugh says:

    Hi, sorry I missed the canning demo. I’m very interested in learning about this. Where can I access the additional information from Bryan rawley, or will there be another demo in the So. FL area?

  2. South Florida 912 South Florida 912 says:

    Bryan has posted some more information HERE including useful links.

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