Balloons and Smiles – Charity

This month we are going to be participating in a community service project that is great to get the whole family involved. I am looking for two teams and captains for each team. Please call me or post on the site if you want to be a captain and to participate in this really great service event. My family and I have been delivering toys to the hospital at Christmas time for the last 9 years. I have always wanted to continue this through out the year. I came up with Balloons and Smiles cause it will fit the “all ages” aspect of who we will visit. It will also be cost effective. My experience in the pediatric ward at Palms West is that the parents there are just so surprised and happy to have people stop by to deliver a hug when needed, prayers when asked and lots of smiles. To top it off a balloon will let them know that we care about them and want them to get well soon. We will also be visiting a nursing home as well. I would love a suggestion for what nursing home would welcome our visit. If you have a suggestion please email me at shannon@southflorida912.org or call me 561-506-5258.

The date for the pediatric ward is February 12th at 3pm it is a Saturday. It is a terrific day to go out and share the message of good will. If we get enough volunteers we can create more teams and branch out to other hospitals and or nursing homes. Our goal is to give back to the community and as one of our core values of our group is charity this is a great way to get your family involved.

Next month look for our group doing a charity walk in the community, more info coming soon.

Please volunteer this is really important to get involved in the community and give back.

Thanks and if you want to volunteer, be a team captain or have a suggestion for a nursing home please contact me asap!

Shannon@southflorida912.org or 561-506-5258


3 Responses to “Balloons and Smiles – Charity”
  1. Phyllis Jacobi says:

    I would love to be a part of this, but unfortunately I will be away on that weekend. Please keep me posted, and let me know if I can at least contribute to whatever you decide to bring along with you when you go.

  2. Looks like we have enough volunteers for this. Thanks to all the helpers please be on time. We are meeting in front of the ER. 3pm sharp.

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