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Hi I am Bryan Crawley I am a Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

My church has been teaching members of my church to be prepared for hard times such as natural or man made disaster or unemployment.  I have been a Mormon since 1976 but I have not taken food storage seriously until President Barack Obama was elected in 2008.  Many people have told me not talk about food storage because I should keep it to my self.  I feel compelled to start talking to fellow Christians about food storage.   I know we are all concerned about the economy.  How bad can it get?  Could it get so bad that we cannot afford to buy food or that the grocery stores cannot stock the shelves?  I am concerned about this and I don’t want to have to depend on the Government.  As parents we are responsible to provide for our children and family.  It is a lot easier for God to use us when we are not hungry.  Hard times often humble people and soften their hearts to accept Gods influence in their lives.  Hungry people were often enslaved by governments in the past.  I believe that God will save this country but will we be prepared to be his servants?   Food storage is part of being ready to serve our God and our County

Here is a portion of an emailed letter I got from a mother who uses her food storage and makes 6 loaves of bread each week from grinding her own wheat. She also home schools her children.  I see her every week in church and her children are very healthy and well behaved.  She shared her bread recipe with me my wife and I have made her bread recipe and it is best whole wheat bread I have had.

(Here is the site for Emergency Essentials, if you sign up you can get a catalog in the mail. If you ask them for a sign up sheet for groups they will give it to you, then each person at the meeting can sign up on the paper, then you turn it in and Emergency Essentials sends them all catalogs. http://beprepared.com/Default.asp?bhcd2=1292863386

This is another company that I like, they sell food and  the rolling shelves to put them on. I have two of them and I love them. http://www.shelfreliance.com/foodstorage

Here is one more company that I have used before. http://waltonfeed.com/

I have sent these 3 because they are companies I have used before and know to be good companies. There are a ton of companies online that I am not familiar with but I am sure they are good also. I end up using Emergency Essentials the most for large quantities because they will let me have free shipping if I go over a certain amount of money and shipping can become extremely expensive. Even if you find companies with less expensive food, the shipping is high and it makes it so much more expensive in the end.)

Dry Goods such as wheat, beans, sugar, flour etc. can be stored for a very long time even up to 30 years if done right.  I use my churches cannery to can these dry goods that store up to 30 years. The secret is to pack them nearly full and then put an oxygen absorber in each can.  Not having the canning equipment, anyone can put dry food in Mylar food storage bags with oxygen absorbers sealed with an iron or hair straightening iron.  I don’t know everything but I will share what I know and to listen to your ideas.

When we accept God’s influence in our lives we will see our selves changed and miracles happen like Glenn Beck showed us with Wilmington, Ohio.

Your brother in Christ and Liberty and Freedom,
Bryan Crawley  ctrwbc@yahoo.com

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