Action Alert – Prevent the Weakening of the Inspector General’s Office


The representatives of the municipalities on the Inspector General (IG) Drafting Committee are balking at the oversight role of the IG. The municipalities are saying that we, the voters, didn’t understand what we were voting for and that we simply didn’t want ‘pay to play’ activities by our elected officials. They are attempting to weaken the scope of the IG, saying that the IG should not be able to review and report on mismanagement or inefficiencies or to second guess the municipalities’ decisions in any way – when it is precisely those types of decisions that can ‘waste’ the tax-payers dollars.


1 – Attend the Wednesday, February 9th meeting at 2pm at the Vista Center, Vista Center Hearing Room, 2300 N. Jog Rd (just northeast of Okeechobee Rd) – listen to the discussion politely, and when there’s time for public comment, please state that: you as a voter knew what you were voting for and that you believe that the ‘independent oversight of local government operations” is key to the IG’s role.

It is important that we have a large turnout at this meeting. Please make every effort to attend in person.

2 – Send emails to the drafting committee members stating that you support the scope of the IG as described in the original ordinance to “detect misconduct involving abuse, corruption, fraud, waste, inefficiencies and mismanagement” and that the same scope must now apply to the municipalities. The email addresses are:


David Baker david.baker@amrl.com
David Aronberg – Committee Vice Chair aronberg@yahoo.com
Donna Raney – County Attorney’s office DRaney@pbcgov.org


Kurt Bressner – Committee Chair BressnerK@bbfl.us
Michael Bornstein mbornstein@lantana.org
Trela White – League of Cities Attorney trela@corbettandwhite.com


Sheryl Steckler – Inspector General SSteckler@pbcgov.org

3 – “like” the Vote Yes on Ethics facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vote-YES-on-Ethics/104294449637067) so that you can see future action alerts or go to http://ethicspbc.com

4 – Send an email to support@ethicspbc.com with “I want independent oversight of local government” in the subject line.


In 2009 many of you worked very hard to see that an independent Inspector General was put in place for Palm Beach County, as well as Ethics Ordinances.. You stood up at County Commission meetings, you signed petitions, and you saw the Inspector General’s office get implemented. Then in November 2010 the people voted. An overwhelming 72% of voters wanted these ordinances and for the Inspector General’s scope to apply to all of the municipalities in the county.

The Charter Amendment called for a drafting committee consisting of representatives from both the League of Cities and the County, in equal representation plus the Inspector General for the IG Drafting Committee, and the Executive Director of the Ethics Commission for the Ethics Drafting Committee. The role of the IG committee is to write a new ordinance, using the original as a basis to incorporate the municipalities.

The Charter Amendment (http://www.pbcgov.com/countycommissioners/pdf/charter.pdf), in Section 8.3, defined the role of the Inspector General:

“The county shall, by ordinance, establish an Office of the Inspector General to provide independent oversight of publicly funded transactions, projects, and other local government operations”

The original IG ordinance (2009.049 – Sec. 2.422), stated that the office of the Inspector General was to “detect misconduct involving abuse, corruption, fraud, waste, inefficiencies, and mismanagement by elected and appointed county officials and employees, county agencies and instrumentalities, contractors, and other parties doing business with the county and/or receiving county funds.”

The IG ordinance drafting committee has spent 3 meetings now debating the wording of the Inspector General’s scope. The next meeting is to be held on February 9, 2011 at 2pm.


4 Responses to “Action Alert – Prevent the Weakening of the Inspector General’s Office”
  1. sensible says:

    The league of Cities is committed to AGENDA 21, which is the plan to implement the NEW World Order at the state, county, and local levels. Agenda 21 is totalitarian plan that has no use for lawful government. The “Independent Inspector General” is an obstacle to the LIGHT SPEED implementation of AGENDA 21. AGENDA 21 will is designed to transfer control of all private property to the government and then, when the government goes bankrupt, all property ownership will be in the hands of the private corporation [The ONE GREAT TRUST) which holds the ‘paper’ (debt instruments) on which the government will have defaulted.

    Continued willful blindness to this CRUCIAL realty will only aid the enemies of proper government according to the American design. A rapidly growing group of people who are working as fast as they can in opposition to the people and plan behind Agenda 21, have already re-inhabited the lawful government of the united States, which was abandoned at the start of the War Between the States in 1860. You are now living under the corporate government of the ‘One Great Trust’.

    • Iris Iris says:

      The concerns voiced by our local representatives seem a lot more basic. They don’t want anyone else looking into their operations and suggesting that they may have been wasteful, inefficient or mismanaged anything. Or worse….

  2. Iris Iris says:

    I missed this story on WPTV late last week, concering the taking of gifts by local officials!


  3. dog says:

    The Inspector General’s office is an incompetent unneeded tax burden. I know firsthand. They use fuzzy math to justify their existence, there budget keeps growing, and the taxpayers have not benefited at all. They will cover someone under the scope of whistle blower that fabricates a story and spend thousands of dollars investigating something that could have been cleared in a day and although the whistle blower caused thousands of dollars of waste they will protect the person. Wasteful, just wasteful. Our County is not corrupt so why do they need to keep growing when all other Departments are cutting and those are the Departments that the taxpayers benefit from. It is time to dissolve the Inspector General’s Office.

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