Escape the power of the ‘One Great Trust & Defeat It

Are you interested in restoring the genuine American Constitutional (de jure) Republic? IF YOU YOU ARE, THEN THIS MEETING IS FOR YOU!

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The Constitution Committee of the United States

hosts a Meeting with Representatives of

the Newly Re-Inhabited

De Jure Republic of the united States


and De Jure Republic of Florida


(De Jure = Lawful)

 This meeting may be a prelude to or coincident with one of the most important political announcements in American history

 [Note: due to availability issues, this important meeting

could not be scheduled for a different date]

Date; Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Time: 6:30pm – 8:45pm

at the Lantana Road Public Library, 4020 Lantana Rd.

(at Lawrence Rd.), Lake Worth, Fla 33462

For an interactive map and directions go to



Representatives of

the Republic of the united States

scheduled to be at this meeting include:

 Clyde Cleveland

Renown Author

of “Common Sense Revisited”

will be making a Power Point presentation

which will include an explanation

of basic Constitutional principles


Florida Republic Ambassador Susan Chisholm


Republic of Florida

House of Representative Members:

Mary Heiler

Michael Louis

Clyde Cleveland

and Mark Yoder


 Under the Constitution of 1787, We the People DID NOT grant a right to the federal government to charter corporations. (not found in Article 1, section 8, or anywhere else. Madison recorded explicitly that there was no interest on the part of delegates.)

 When the War Between the States started in 1860, Congress adjourned “sine die” (without a date to reconvene) for a lack of a quorum (because the representatives from the southern states were absent). Then, Lincoln then ruled under martial law by executive order (in a “state of emergency”) without a Congress. Thus, the constitutionally valid (lawful or “de jure”) “government of the united States” ceased to operate and was left inactive (dormant), BUT WAS NOT ABOLISHED. 

Subsequently, in 1871, by a constitutionally illegal act, the country was re-formed as a corporation called “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Federal Government activities were then operated from inside that corporation, by an illegal corporate government with the appearance and form of the lawful pre civil war government that had been abandoned. (For more information, click on this link: http://republicofflorida.org/atruehistory.html to see a explanation titled “A True History”)

 The Republic Re-Inhabited

In September of 2010 a brave group of Americans in all 50 States came together and formed the Republic of the united States, re-inhabiting the vacated original Constitutional government last seen in 1860.

They elected a new national government from the bottom up. Then within each Republic, they elected their individual government officials.

The 50th Republic is in process of completion. We are all breathlessly awaiting the announcement of the Republic of the United States to become public.

Please join us for more exciting news and information on February 9th at the Lantana Road Library, 4020 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, FL 33462 at 6:30 pm. Directions as follows:

How To Get There

FROM I-95: Take Exit #61 (Lantana Road – SR 812); go west to Lawrence Road and turn left at light. Library is on the southwest corner of the intersection.

FROM FLORIDA’S TURNPIKE: Take Exit #93 (Lake Worth Road), go east to Military Trail, turn right (south) to Lantana Road (SR 812); turn left and get in the right lane and turn right into the library parking lot just before the traffic light at the corner of Lawrence Road.

By Bus: Palm Tran Route 71 and Route 63.

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