Brian Mudd of WJNO impressed the crowd at our February meeting

South Florida 912 hadn’t met at the Original Wellington Mall in awhile, so several leaders scurried around to make sure all was in order prior to the beginning of our monthly meeting. 

Doug Armstrong, co-founder, kicked off the meeting of around 80 folks, with the Pledge and an invocation.  He spoke about our agenda and welcomed many new folks who were in the audience.  Members Jim and Loreen Hunter then sang a song written by a 912 member from NY state.  Barbara Samuells had prepared a handout with the chorus and we all sang along.  Doug then segued to the Value of the Month – Reverence.  Shannon Armstrong – co-founder, then added her perspective and encouraged us to contemplate what we Revere.

Next up was Fred Scheibl – giving us a Palm Beach Taxpayer Action Board update.  He described some of the changes proposed in Governor Rick Scott’s budget, delving into the implications for the Florida Retirement System and the possible impact on the Palm Beach County budget.  He also showed the county’s Charter Review process which will roll out over the next 18 months.  Iris Scheibl raised a Call to Action  for members to attend Wednesday’s PBC Inspector General Drafting Committee meeting.  The South Florida 912 had been active in the initial drafting and proposed modifications were likely to alter the IG’s role.  Commissioner Jess Santamaria, also in attendance, spoke about the importance of attending, as did Dennis Lipp – vice mayor of Loxahatchee Groves. 

As we were running a bit late, Shannon quickly described this weekend’s  Balloons and Smiles  charity action and asked for additional members to participate.   She also mentioned Race for Faith and asked us to save the date for our upcoming March 20 2nd Annual South Florida 912 reunion.  We then took a short break while Jason Shields sold 50/50 tickets and t-shirts.

After the break, Iris did an intro for Brian Mudd, our keynote speaker.  Brian covered a lot of ground.  He described two tenets of success in doing what you love – ‘passion‘ plus ‘talent‘.  Brian described how he broke into the business, how lives take unintended turns.  He also talked about the economy, the real state of inflation, and how to thrive with a small business by having a bullet-proof business plan that accounts for all the ways the business could fail.  When folks asked about WJNO’s programming, Brian described business pressures and their impacts on the commercial success of a radio station.  He also suggested that when looking for ways to better utilize media, that we take the perspective of what’s in it for them?  A good story?  Couch it in a away that’s interesting to their audience (radio or print).  Form relationships and give information rather than ask for it.  For a recording of the talk, watch it here.

Mike Lamayer got up next and told us that he was running for office in 2012 and depending on redistricting, will decide where to run.  Barbara Samuells, founder of  912 Super Seniors (and Century Village Super Seniors), recounted how she got started with the group, the help South Florida 912 provided, and how her organization has spread nationwide and beyond.

Shannon closed the meeting and many people circled Brian Mudd to discuss specific points about his talk.   Discussions would have continued through the night had not the facilities manager started turning out the lights!

Pictures by Boris Balaban


2 Responses to “Brian Mudd of WJNO impressed the crowd at our February meeting”
  1. Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

    Brian Mudd was a great choice for a speaker as he combined insights into some of the priorities of the hosts of the talk shows as well as his own story.

    Jim and Loreen Hunter did a terrific presentation of my friend Paul Val’s song “The Silent Majority is Silent No More.” Paul will love it when he sees and hears the video. He wrote the song just for the patriots at meetings, on street corners and at rallies speaking out and standing up for our freedoms.

    You put together an informative, interesting and unique meeting, Shannon, Doug and all the leaders. Thank you for your efforts.

    • Thank you for being there. Sorry we did not have much time to hear about all the comings and goings of the Super Seniors. However March 20th we will have a great platform for you to come out and share some info to the group. Brian Mudd was enjoyable and informative. Thanks to Fred and Iris, The Barnetts, Boris, the Hunters and Mickey and Jason. All were a huge help.

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