New Blog for Protecting PBC Term Limits

The following is from George Blumel

This is the unofficial blog of the Palm Beach County Term Limits Committee. The purpose of the committee and this blog is to protect Palm Beach County’s 8-year term limits on county commissioners. This term limits law is the result of a citizen movement in 2001-02 which collected 46,000+ signatures to put the term limits measure on the countywide ballot.

The voters approved the measure by 70 percent, but that is unlikely to prevent challenges by scheming local politicians and their special interest allies.


Palm Beach County residents who go to the site will be asked to tell Karen Marcus and Burt Aaronson if you would vote for them if they defy the term limits law and run again: I, a resident of Palm Beach County, hereby pledge not to vote for any candidate for county commission who seeks to overturn our voter-approved 8-year term limit law. –You check either Yes or No at the site to send a message to any politician who defies the will of the 70% who voted for the 8-year term limit. Please tell your friends to go there and vote. Thank you. –

For your information, Karen Marcus has been in dist #1 office since 1984 –28 years, 7 terms!–and Burt Aaronson has been there in dist #5 since 1992 –20 years, 5 terms!. Eight is Enough! During their tenures, taxes have soared well beyond population growth plus inflation. For solid information on the county budgets check out the Taxpayers Action Board at http://pbctab.org

Before the term limits law, the most effective way to get incumbents to step down was to send them to jail –seriously, three other county commissioners who would have been term limited this year instead went to prison on corruption charges: Tony Masilotti, Warren Newell and Mary McCarty. A fourth, Jeff Koons, avoided prison by accepting a plea deal for his felony extortion charge. We told them many times “Eight is enough!” but they wouldn’t listen.

Please help get this around to as many Palm Beach County residents as possible. Thank you! -Geo.

Last note: Phil Blumel, President of US Term Limits, will be speaking on this and other local/state/national term limits issues on March 3rd Republican Club meeting at Atlantis Country Club. For info call me at 561-543-4971


One Response to “New Blog for Protecting PBC Term Limits”
  1. David Z. Eunice David Z. Eunice says:

    I do not currently reside in Palm Beach County… BUT…. I own a property in a good advertising area off of Military Trail in Suburban Lake Worth… Next to Bank of America and Discount Auto that I would allow you to use for FREE to advertise the Term Limit movement… Let me know if you’re interested.

    David Z. Eunice

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