Textbook Protest PB County

NOTE: This protest has been postponed – see attached comment.

Subject: Textbook Protest PB County

February 22nd, 2011


Fulton Holland building
3300 Forest Hill Blvd
West Palm Beach

This is a letter from our friend and active 912 er

Please get involved!

===========Hi Everyone…just want to let you know that I’ve stepped up as Chair of the Palm Beach County Textbook Action Team (TAT) to address the issue of the flawed textbooks our children are using.

The Palm Beach County School Board has received a letter and a list of many of the errors/omissions in our children’s textbooks. They have been asked to work with us to have textbook discrepancies addressed and rectified/explained to students by their teachers in the classroom. They have also been asked to notify the book publishers that no additional textbooks will be purchased until the present issues have been resolved.

A statewide protest, targeting those counties whose school boards have chosen not to respond or to work with us, has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 22, 2011, George Washington’s birthday (see attached flyer). To date, I have not received a response from the Palm Beach County School Board. I am therefore requesting your help with the protest. Please let me know if you and any members of your group will be available for the protest. Below are some suggestions for signs – please send me your suggestions.

Pass this on to everyone you know. For those of you in Broward County, check with Andrea Joy Bellitto (iamajoy1969@aol.com), Broward County TAT Chair. In the event the Palm Beach County School Board decides to cooperate, the protest will be cancelled and you will be notified.

Here are some possible signs:

· Truth In Education

· Remove Faulty Textbooks

· Children Believe What They Read

· Just because it is in Print – Doesn’t Make It True

WE NEED BODIES!!! Any questions, contact me. Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Alison Rampersad, TAT Chair
Palm Beach County

(954) 977-4888


2 Responses to “Textbook Protest PB County”
  1. South Florida 912 South Florida 912 says:

    Note: This event has been postponed. From Alison Rampersad:

    I met with the Palm Beach School Board Social Studies group this morning. They danced around the issue and tried to get me to go in another direction, ie…the FDOE at the state level as they’re the ones who actually recommend the books. I stayed the course, however, and told them that we are expecting them to educate the classroom teachers by giving them the same handout I’m sending you so they can explain to students what the problems are and why they’re erroneous. They said they’ll run the list of textbooks through their legal department and comply pending Legal’s reply. They also invited me to a June meeting where they will be reviewing various classroom materials.

    Soooooo…THE PROTEST FOR TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND, IS POSTPONED…FOR NOW. If this isn’t stonewalling tactics, and they do comply, we’ll drop it. But I have my doubts. Thank you to all of you who were ready with your time, your effort, and your signs. I’ll keep you posted.


  2. I only saw this today, November 12, 2011 so I don’t really know if this situation turned out well for parents or not.

    As far as public school systems “stonewalling” parents who don’t like what they are doing to their kids, get used to that, It is a way of life with the public school system. They have an agenda they are trying to implement, the socialization of American children, complete with humanist indoctrination and no way will they be persuaded to change that. It’s a fact of life. The only way you can avoid this is to take your kids out of public schools and find alternative education. Home schooling works for many, It’s part of what we did and our kids, now grown, are not sorry, in fact our 6 grandchildren are being home schooled.

    The school system in Kanawha County, West Virginia in 1974 sought to implement some really raunchy textbooks and parents protested. The Board of Education there appeared to back down when they said they would like a month to review the books and make a final determination as to their quality or lack thereof.

    At the end of the month the board stated that they had reviewed the questionable texts, found nothing wrong with them, and back they went. Parents not wanting their kids to be force-fed questionable material had one option–remove their kids from the public school system. Thankfully, some did, and Christian schools were started. Not enough did and West Virginia is still plagued with raunchy textbooks. Do you think the Board of Education was stonewalling parents? You better believe it–and they have never stopped.

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