912ers at Palms West with Balloons and Smiles

This is our 9th year going to Palms West. It has been a tradition every year on Christmas Eve delivering toys to kids and parents stuck in the hospital during the holidays. This year we were able to work together with the 912 group to continue the tradition with the hopes of caring on thru out the year.

We had a great showing for the balloon delivery. Smiles and laughter and tears were shared. Parents smiled, children laughed. It was a terrific way to spend our Saturday afternoon. We arrived at 3pm with the balloons a little tangled from the wind. Darlene with her patience helped us untangle them. The gang Ken and Jeanne Barnett, Boris Balaban, Terry and Darlene Philpot and the Armstrong gang, Doug, Shannon, Alexa, Tyler, and Hunter all stuffed into the elevator to the pediatric ward with a lot of enthusiasm. When we arrived at the pediatric ward the Nurses there were so tickled to see us. A very cheerful nurse walked us from room to room introducing us to the family in the room. We were greeted with such joy and appreciation. We even gave siblings balloons and Hunter gave out valentines and stickers. At times we were asked to pray. It was so moving… One mother just started to cry and could not barely speak she was so grateful that some one cared. Our nurse was patient and waited if someone needed a little extra love. Kids thought that Ken was a pirate and little children were soo excited to see him. Some people even wanted pictures. There was one little girl who was in ICU so little… however her father had such a heavy heart. Her father could barely speak he was so sad about his daughters illness, but welcomed us grateful for our presence and our prayers.

Over all it was sooo successful. We had a few stickers and balloons left so we went down to the ER and gave them out to people there. It was a great day and I look forward to our next outing for the Balloons and Smiles team. We are looking for a nursing home suggestion and if we get enough volunteers we can spread this out all around the county spreading love and joy.

Thanks to all who volunteered. We had a great time.


2 Responses to “912ers at Palms West with Balloons and Smiles”
  1. Jeanne Barnett says:

    Hi Shannon,

    Many times during our busy lives we forget others that are hurting (physically and/or mentally). Going to Palms West Hospital re-sparked the wonderful feeling the “giving of my time” gives. Giving to others is truly a high that cannot be matched. Thanks for the opportunity for Ken and I to “give” to others which in turn gives back to us in terms of inner warmth and satisfaction.

    Jeanne & Ken Barnett

    • Thank you for coming out and helping 🙂 I know what you mean. When you give back its addicting and you want to do more. Its good to remember that we are a group that is community minded and it is good to get involved with charity as well as our community, State and National issues. Thanks to all who helped out


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