Michele Bachmann at SFTP Event

Minnesota Congresswoman, leader of the House Tea Party Caucus, and possible presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was in town on Friday for several meetings with GOP ‘insiders’.  On short notice,  the South Florida Tea Party put together a meeting with her at the Abacoa Country Club.   Representative Bachmann has been making a concerted effort to meet with the grass-roots everywhere she goes.

Quite a few 912’ers were among the 300 or so attendees as Congresswoman Bachmann surprised most with the news that the Obamacare legislation, aka the “Affordable Health Care Act”, contained over $100B in startup funding that was unknown to most of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, the House move to defund Obamacare cannot touch this money.

Here is a video that Ms. Bachmann has posted on her website and facebook page about the Obamacare funding:

Some pictures from Boris Balaban:

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