PLEASE ATTEND the First Evening Mtg of PBC Board of County Commissioners

When:   April 5th, 2011 at 6pm

Where:  Government Center, 301 N. Olive, WPB  Sixth Floor in the Commission Chambers

Excuses, Excuses……….  over the last couple of years many of us interested in county issues have used as an excuse that we can’t speak up at the PBC Board of County Commissioners meetings because they’re held during the day.  Sound familiar?  There’s only so many times those of us who do attend can say ‘we represent a large group of people who are too busy earning a living to come’.  So now – it’s your turn!!

The commissioners are doing this as an experiment.  Up until now, evening meetings have been relegated to topics such as the two budget workshops held in September.  The upcoming meeting will be a regular agenda meeting – with focus on the upcoming Charter Review. 

The Agenda for the evening can be found here.   Public comment will begin at 7pm – this is the monthly comment time when one can discuss any subject.  A key item will be 5A1 – the upcoming Charter Review.  Details and schedule are included here.  As we’ve mentioned in prior South Florida 912 meetings – the Charter is our county’s constitution and the review over the next several months will be soliciting public input at meetings and online – so this does matter to YOU!


One Response to “PLEASE ATTEND the First Evening Mtg of PBC Board of County Commissioners”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Several South Florida 912 members attended the first evening meeting. The room was packed to start – but that was due to several proclaimations stacked at the beginning of the meeting. Still, attendance was higher than normal for a non-controversial meeting. Our Jason spoke during public comment to invite Commissioners to join us at our meetings so that they could better understand South Florida 912.

    Thanks to those of you who came. It’s important that we watch those who work for us.

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