South Florida 912 Leaders Attend State 912 Conference in Orlando

On Friday and Saturday, March 25-26, the Florida 912 Project, led by Don Hensarling, held a leaders conference in Orlando.

National 912 co-chairs Yvonne Donnelly (Glen Beck’s sister-in-law) and former Florida leader Stephanie Scruggs were in attendance, and we heard from Senate President Mike Haridopolis, Matt Robbins of American Majority (who will be offering an activist course in our area in the near future), and Nathan Worley who instructed us on how to read our teams.

Shannon did a recap of the South Florida 912’s active year 2010, and Fred described TAB and our precinct work in the 2010 elections. The group also heard from Karin Hoffman of DC Works for Us, Karen Jaroch of Tampa 912, Barbara Samuells of 912 Super Seniors, as well as others from 912 groups around the state.

Attending from our group were Shannon and Doug Armstrong, Fred and Iris Scheibl, Dr. Richard Raborn, Boris Balaban, and Barbara Samuells.

Groups represented included:

  • Florida 912 Project
  • Tampa 912
  • Brevard 912
  • North Pinellas 912
  • South Pinellas 912
  • SWFL 912
  • Volusia 912
  • Venice 912
  • South Florida 912
  • Titusville Patriots
  • Pinellas Patriots
  • Pasco 912
  • Lakeland 912
  • Nature Coast 912
  • Seminole 912
  • Deland 912
  • Polk City 912
  • Tampa Bay Singles 912
  • 912 Super Seniors
  • Tallahassee 912
  • Sanford/Lake Mary 912

Some pictures from Boris:


2 Responses to “South Florida 912 Leaders Attend State 912 Conference in Orlando”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Note the new 912 Project Logo!

  2. Barbara Samuells BARBARA says:

    The conference was inspiring and informative. What great speakers and good leaders were theree sharing and encouraging each other.

    I was gratified to spread the word of the 912 Super Seniors and have been invited to speak to other groups represented at the conference.

    The presentation by Shannon of the activities of the South Florida 912 Project was a huge hit with the leaders and was encouragement to other groups to see the many facets of 912 all wrapped into one group.

    I think every group wishes for a Fred to help them with even a few of the tasks he demonstrated as part of the TAB presentation.

    All in all, our group was well represented and Doug, Shannon, Iris , Fred, Richard and Boris were an impressive team.

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