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Palm Beach County Locations for the 60th Observance of National Day of Prayer:

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
05/05/2011 12 NOON – 05/05/2011 1 PM Prayer for our nation. Lunch provided (sandwich, chips, cookie & drink provided)

2341 So. Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33462

Just south of Purdy Lane on West side of street

Contact: Donna — 965-4311

05/05/2011 12:30 PM – 05/05/2011 6:00 PM

Church will be open for anyone who would like to come in and pray.

2116 Lantana Road
Lantana , FL 33426

Just west of I-95 on Lantana Road

Contact: DAVID PFOHL — 561-588-8148

Delray Beach

05/05/2011 12 Noon – 05/05/2011 12:30 pm

A community gathering of Christian non-denominational clergy and civic leaders joining in unity to pray that the Almighty will guide the hands that rule this land, that we humble ourselves before Him, and that we trust in His almighty will to be performed.
100 NW First Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Contact: Sharon Wood — (561) 498-8572

National Day of Prayer Service
05/05/2011 7PM – 05/05/2011 8:30PM

The Service will be held Thursday during RADIUS (our high school to young adult ministry). ALL AGES welcomed to this service!

3499 NW 2nd Ave
Boca Raton , FL 33433

On 2nd Ave between Glades Rd and Spanish River Blvd.

Contact: Nichole Salisbury — 561-391-2800


Stonecroft National Day of Prayer Event
05/05/2011 10 AM – 05/05/2011 12 Noon

6217 Balboa Cir. Apt 102
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Whitehall on Camino Real in Boca Raton Florida

Contact: Suze Adams — 561-393-7006

Check the status of pro-life, pro-family legislation in Tallahassee at www.ccsouthfla.org

Also note:

DATELINE TALLAHASSEE — A proposed state constitutional amendment that would repeal Florida’s ban on using public dollars for religious funding such as school vouchers is advancing in the Legislature.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the measure (SJR 1218) on April 12. A similar proposal is moving through the House.
Sen. Thad Altman, a Rockledge Republican who is sponsoring the amendment, said it would eliminate discrimination. An appellate court cited the ban in ruling that a voucher program that let students from failing public schools attend private schools at taxpayer expense was unconstitutional.

COUNTY: www.ccpbc.org E-MAIL: ccpbc@aol.com
www.ccfla.org (Christian Coalition)
www.floridaffc.com (FL Faith and Freedom Coalition)

www.cc.org (Christian Coalition)
www.ffcoalition.com (Faith and Freedom Coalition)

P.O. Box 16001 West Palm Beach, FL 33416-6001
Phone 561-622-1517 Fax 561-622-3921

Urgent Action Required – IG and Ethics Ordinances

Help is needed to prevent a last minute attempt to weaken the Office of Inspector General.

Please attend the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners meeting:

When:  Tuesday May 3rd
Time: 2:30pm (arrive prior to that time and submit a card if you wish to speak or have your card read into the record)
Agenda Items: 4G1 (IG), 4H1 (Commission on Ethics), 4H2 (Code of Ethics)*
Where:  County Commission Chambers – 6th floor, 301 N Olive, West Palm Beach FL

See article in Palm Beach Post.

The Palm Beach County League of Cities has not given up on the municipalities’ attempts to thwart the scope and independence of the Inspector General. The League is once again raising issues that were the topics of heated debate during the entire 3-month ordinance drafting period. Some of their issues:

– They still insist that definitions be inserted for Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Misconduct and Mismanagement
– They raise concerns about the ability of the IG to have unfettered access to records and the IG’s ability to subpoena
– They disagree with the procedures for filing complaints again the IG
– They are unhappy with the funding for the IG – larger cities are concerned that they will not ‘get their money’s worth”. They also feel that the funding requirement is an unfunded mandate.
– They also want to make additional changes to the Ethics Ordinances
– They want to delay implementation of all three ordinances until October 1 – which is the next fiscal year (2012).

All of the issues, save the last, were topics of endless debate for the last 3 months.  The drafting committee members voted on each section of each ordinance.  The League of Cities had equal membership with the County in the drafting of the ordinances. 

Points you should consider making (if you speak, submit a card to be read into the record, or in an email):

1.  The opposition to adding definitions to the IG ordinance received a final 5:2 vote by the drafting committee.  The national Association of Inspectors General weighed in on the subject and said definitions would “have the unintended consequences of restricting the office and hampering its effectiveness”.  We want an independent Inspector General.

2. The ordinance drafting committees worked for over 3 months on agreeing to the changes in the ordinances.  Do not over-ride the hours the committee spent debating and voting on all of these topics, just because a couple of the members were not successful in making their case to the committee.   Please approve on preliminary reading and advertise for public hearing on May 17th the 3 ordinances as presented by ordinance drafting committees.

3.  The majority of voters in each of the 38 municipalities voted for the ordinances to apply to their city.  The funding requirement was in the ordinance voted for and states “shall be funded at a minimum in an amount equal to one quarter of one percent of contracts of the county, and all other governmental entities subject to the authority of the inspector general”.   The ordinance does not specify how the entities will pay the fee – the cities have the choice, should they so vote, to add a .25% fee to all of their contracts.

4. Delaying the implementation until October 1 is unacceptable.  There are complaints awaiting action by both the Commission on Ethics and the Inspector General that cannot be dealt with until the ordinances are adopted.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send an email to the commissioners making similar points at:

  *The Agenda for the meeting can be found here.

SFL 912 May Mtg – Ethics and Fighting Corruption in PBC!

Alan Johnson

The May meeting of South Florida 912 will have Ethics as its theme and we have two exciting keynote speakers – looking at very different ways to fight corruption. First, Alan Johnson, Esq., Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics will take us through an overview of the Commission on Ethics and the synergy between the Inspector General, the Commission on Ethics and the State Attorney, as well as the complaint process.

Chaz Stevens

Then we’ll hear from Chaz Stevens, a former Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Commissioner, author, blogger and ‘citizen corruption fighter’ who has taken investigations of public officials to heretofore unseen levels.  His latest casualty: Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, who after being charged last week with 5 counts of falsifying public records, turned herself over to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.  His book is called “Making the Difference — 88 Winning Tips for Taking On and Taking Back your local government.”

Also new for our meeting in Wellington, will be a $10 buffet dinner served by the Gypsy Horse Pub and Restaurant at 5:30 pm in the Center Court area.  So come early for dinner, meet with fellow 912ers, bring your questions and join us for a provocative evening!

Where:  Original Wellington Mall – Center Court, 12794 W Forest Hill Blvd , Wellington
When:  Tuesday, May 10th at 5:30 pm (dinner buffet), 7pm – meeting


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Charter Review

Palm Beach County Commissioner Jess Santamaria invites you to his April Community Forum


Palm Beach County’s Charter Review

  • Learn the major contents in the current Palm Beach County Charter.
  • What do you like about the current Charter?
  • What would you want to change/add to the current Charter?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

at the “original” Wellington Mall

Videos from Tax Day Tea Party

Videos by Boris Balaban – more will be added as they come in.

Adam Hasner

Shannon Armstrong

Allen West

Allen West’s introduction for Donald Trump

Tax Day Tea Party Pictures – 1

Click for videos of the event.

The 3rd annual Tax Day Tea Party Rally – sponsored by South Florida Tea Party, was held in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square yesterday.

A downpour right before set-up was scheduled to begin could have put a damper on the proceedings, but fortunately the sun came out for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Volunteers scrambled to unload vehicles, set up tables, chairs, water, audio and media equipment, get badges; it was the normal semi-chaos of a big volunteer event. A few early arrivals staked out spots in various parts of the square.

Music began early as ralliers began streaming in – the crowd swelled to about 2500-3000 at the peak. Many had signs or wore patriotic clothing. Some were there in support of a specific person or ticket – such as Allen West, or Donald Trump. There were a lot of familiar faces and as many new ones – all proving a lie to Harry Reid’s statements that the Tea Party is over, gone, short-lived, etc.

After an hour or so of music, the program began, led by MC Joyce Kaufman. There was a long list of speakers including Everett Wilkinson, Pam Wohlschlagel, Shannon Armstrong, various other groups and a representative from the Tea Party of Italy! Keynotes were former Florida House Speaker Adam Hasner, Congressman Allen West and businessman / entertainer / potential presidential candidate Donald Trump. The media platform was filled with cameras from all of the major networks and cable, and we have seen clips of the event on the ABC and FOX national Sunday shows. The Trump speech was carried live on C-SPAN, (Click HERE for replay)

While Congressman West generally draws a lot of media, it was clear from the post-event coverage that most were there to see The Donald. The keynote speeches were well-received based on the audience applause. The energy level in the crowd was high throughout! As expected, the crowd began to thin immediately after Trump, and his 47 minutes probably exceeded expectations regarding length – so the remaining speakers – County GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein and Palm Beach Councilman Bill Diamond had to contend with a lot of movement and noise and cut their remarks short.

Volunteers remained to clean-up, leaving a spotless Sanborn Square. There must have been a few non-tea-party regulars, however, – because there was some trash to be recovered, not just what was found near the overflowing trash receptacle.

The Tea Party lives! And we’ll need everyone to make a difference in 2012!

These are from Boris and Fred. Others will be added as they come in, so check back from time to time.

Shannon Armstrong at Boca Tax Day Tea Party

Video by Boris Balaban

April South Florida 912 meeting – A Great night!

Thanks to all who came out last night. I really enjoyed the presentations.

Starla did a great job as the MC of the night. Then Ed talked about our value of the month, Thrift.  I know I personally jotted down some hints to start working on. Fred updated us on TAB’s progress in the last month, and introduced the newest coalition member, Jupiter Inlet Colony. There is a lot of information on the TAB website, and TAB offers an opportunity to get involved on the local level. Please check out PBCTAB.ORG for more information and printable materials. Fred also told us about the upcoming Charter Review process.  Iris told us about next month’s ethics and IG ordinance votes and the good news is that it appears that the IG will remain truly independent.

Philip Blumel, the President of US Term Limits, gave a very informative introduction on the value of term limits and then shared local situations where it applied. It was very telling when Burt Aaronson and Karen Marcus were mentioned specifically.  I had a newspaper from 1988 that was discussing Karen Marcus running for office again after her first four year term. We also had a chuckle as on the cover of the paper was a picture of me from high school preparing for Homecoming.

The next presentation was given by David and Doug regarding a “spin-off” of the American Revival that Glenn Beck hosted last summer. They really gave us a lot of insight and inspiration. The information they provided really spoke to what is at the core of the Principles and Values of our group. Putting these precepts into ACTION is key. Doug closed by speaking about  commitment to our spouse and remembering what we meant when we said “I DO” … Doug requested that we all take a stand and say “I DO” to our country by taking action now and getting involved today

Mike Lemeyer informed people about his campaign and asked people to sign up and get involved.   Pam Wohlschlegel, Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Chapter of South Florida Tea Party, invited everyone to attend Saturday’s Tea Party this weekend.  See Tax Day Tea Party Events for more details.

It was a really great meeting and I am really glad to see some new faces and some familiar. In particular one 912er, Dave, arrived at the meeting on his bike from Wellington because he wanted to go to a 912 meeting so badly. Dave had recently lost his job and been experiencing some really tough times. However Dave, who has joined us on our bus trip to DC and recently attended our anniversary picnic, told us that he didn’t want to miss our informative meetings. Meeting Dave and speaking to him was very humbling. He is what all of us should be. No matter how life brings you down, always keep moving forward,  strive for success and say “I Do” to our country.

Some pictures from Boris and Fred

Adam Hasner visits DC Works for US

Boris Balaban Video

Adam Hasner

Questions for Adam

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