Great day! Terrific Friends! Excellent Guests… 2 year Anniversary Party was a Blast

Over 350 people turned out for our 2 year anniversary event. Hard to believe on the 13th of March 2009 is the first time we all met up at Mckenna’s. I just thought my husband and I could start a book club. So much has happened since then. In many ways we have become a family. Creating a network of people to lean on if needed and to help out when needed. We are also ready to focus on an issue and get involved in our community and our Country on issues of great importance. The picnic had such a great out pouring of friendship and camaraderie. DC works for us, the South Florida Tea Party and Christian Coalition, WIN…(Women Impacting the Nation) and the Ft Lauderdale Tea Party, Super Seniors, Delray 912 group and the Boynton 912 group all participated. We also had attendees from the Martin County 912 and from the Miami groups as well. We had a great day and I am so glad so many came out. Special thanks to all the Speakers like Congressman Allen West, Former House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, Doug Giles. I also enjoyed hearing from Danita ( Ft Lauderdale Tea Party ) and Karin ( DC Works for us ) and Barbara (Super Seniors).

The leaders really put such a huge effort into this event and I really appreciate it. Big Als food was amazing as well. Special thanks to Michelle Poole for her generous donation of a chalet to help cover our costs.

It was a great day thanks to all who came.

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